Glass: The case was sent back for further investigation A.Fedarava

Tribunal over Alexander Fedorov began on October 31. Chairman shall preside at the trial Shklovsky District Court Alexander Tarakanov.
Alexander Fedorov accused abuse of opportunities, a violation of the order to pay the salaries of municipal property and appropriation. He faces up to 8 years imprisonment.
Alexander Fedorov partially admitted his guilt, but noted that these violations he did through the production need. Its central boiler, they heat the principal municipal facilities — executive committee, the prosecutor’s office of the school. Financing boilers lacking to support their work, says Fedorov.
Alexander Fedorov run 3 boiler in Shklou and Shklovsky area. They were all exemplary and never stopped. Look at the boiler work more than once visited by government delegations.
Alexandra Fedorova was detained on June 14. While the investigation was conducted, he was in Mogilev temporary detention.
Alexander Fedorov — an active participant election campaigns. In 2001 he had been arrested on the orders of the prosecutor Snitkova but then quickly released.

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