Golden Needle: both eager and reluctant to speak

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On the method of treating obesity Golden Needle ® heard many. However, the responses about it sometimes can be quite critical. The reason? The fact that the author's technique, patented Mariyat Muradalievnoy Mukhina, recently was attacked by "pirates". Using the popular brand, unscrupulous people are not just trying to cash in on it, but also discredits the procedure.

Why fake "golden needles" are not effective? How to distinguish real gold needle ® from fakes? We talked about it with Mariyat Fly — physician reflexologist, Doctor of Medicine and author of methodology Golden Needle ®.

— Recently I was told the following story: "One doctor, acupuncturist, call it N., bought gold needle and took to treat patients for obesity. People went to him first, and then stopped. Because nobody helped. "

It's a good thing that did not help. And it could do much harm. What this doctor put the needle? Where he bought them? To date, the Russian certificate of conformity for the Golden needle ® is only for us. And we are responsible for the quality.

— That is, he does not have any purchased needles?

Of course not! We offer our medical products only to those organizations that are working on franchising.

— Please explain

If the medical center wants to legally use a needle Gold ®, he enters into a contract of commercial concession or franchise, to which he transferred all of our know-how, trademarks, and we provide it with all the necessary tools, including needles. In this case, we are responsible for the quality of its services and compliance with all standards of clinics ORIGITEYA ®.

— Mariyat Muradalievna, fake gold needles — they are really gold?

It may be gold, but what is it? There unauthorized circulation of precious metals, when disassembled electronic devices in mines, in which a lot of gold radioactive elements. Technical gold circulating on the black market, someone buys it, melts. What is its composition? No one checked. And then some quack counterfeit needle sticks you in the ear.

— Crime of some …

We gave these "golden" needle for examination — one was a huge zinc content. In the other — increased radioactivity. Do not forget that this is a needle implant (implanted) into the ear and affect the body as a whole. Do you think how it will affect your health?

— I think that is bad. And what gold is used to present the Golden Needle ®?

995-th sample. Quite clean, acquired in the bank. Then it translates into gold 575-th test by adding a special ligature — the copper, the silver.

— Fake gold needle on the species can be distinguished from the present?

You can, on the needles Earring Magic ® and Luxury Edition logo-engraved wood in the form of a needle. The real Golden Needle ® — a medical instrument special design (set for the adaptation of acupuncture technique Fly), which has no analogues in the world. Fakes, of course, it can mimic, but they are not followed the required parameters — shape, thickness, length, plastic properties.

— Your technique is patented, "pirates" Is not afraid of responsibility?

We have already conducted several successful trials over the infringing services. The court banned the offenders use the technique of Golden Needle ®. But the "pirates" by all means try to circumvent the law. For example, they call their service to the Golden Needle Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov — though it is also a violation as misleads the consumer. Sometimes they make a useless and sometimes harmful procedure to the patient, they do not care.

— The main thing is that the money paid?

I recently spoke with a man who earlier worked with the "pirates." He said: "Your twins had one goal -" squeeze "the market." What kind of ethics? What is the Hippocratic Oath?

So they pressed the market, discredited method contrary to ethical standards and all reflexology techniques that exist today. And in order to raise money.

— Neither myself nor the people that called.

Absolutely terrible things happen. Naturally, we want to inform patients that the present method of Golden Needle ® only offer clinics ORIGITEYA ®, where I personally trained professionals, where I was responsible for his name all the tools for all relevant techniques for human health.

— People are often looking for where cheaper, and that's across the tricks of "piracy."

However, they realize that the exclusive Louis Vuitton bags are not sold in the subway, and the ones that hang out there — Base fake. They understand that these things are bought in specialty retail stores.

Let's make an analogy to the procedure for the Golden Needle ®. True certified medical service can not be cheaper earrings in a jewelry store. If a person keeps their health and agrees to the doctor without a license in the basement or the office he held for a tanning session is the primary Golden Needle ® for 1500 rubles, he should realize that he is dealing with counterfeit service with the possibility of injury to health.

— What is the effectiveness of your author's methodology?

95%, provided that the patient performs all prescription and has no contraindications.

— Only one golden needle ®?

— Needle, we enter on a particular recipe and anchoring in specific acupressure points on the ear to affect the excitability of the centers of appetite at the hypothalamic, has increased impact on the processes of decay (catabolism) of fat and has a positive effect on the entire body. Due to the long-term effects of acupuncture in the body is formed by the right stereotype of metabolism and normal habit of healthy eating.

Golden Needle ® — is not just a needle in the ear, is the author's method of treating obesity, which includes a specially designed power supply system, and acupuncture facelift, and our other know-how.

— But when the "pirates" put the needle, they do not talk about the diet!

Of course. Con artists play on our belief in miracles. But we live in the land where the laws of physics, including the law of conservation of energy. Fat — it's the energy depot. To its reserves are spent, a person has to spend more energy than it absorbs from food. There's no getting around.

— So, no miracle will happen?

Why is that? Will! On the author's method of Golden Needle ® weight goes, but it does not have to starve, our system is a complete food and gentle.

But we must understand that passively "sit on the needle" — as our patients — is half the battle, it is necessary that a person is clearly fulfilled all prescription and even somewhat subdued pace of life treatment of obesity.

— And beware of imitations!

That's it.

I want to emphasize that our method only Golden Needle ® has passed clinical trials and in 2004 was recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to implement in practical health.




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