Gomel opposition launched an information campaign in the vicinity of the polling

Knows a member of the regional coalition United Democratic Forces, chairman of the regional branch of the United civilian party Vasily Polyakov:
"The real deal — we had agreed already in the vicinity of the seventeen shasnatstsatstsatsi single candidate from the democratic forces on the political campaign" Parliamentary elections . " Maybe it’s the evening of the applicant and co-ordinate in the last 17 m environment.
Quite successfully conducted and information campaign. In almost all the suburbs raspavcyudili leaflets with a proposal to send their signatures, their current appeal to the deputies, so they revised the law abolishing many benefits. "
In the vicinity of polling collect voters’ signatures demanding the MPs — they require a report on the activities in the four- House of Representatives State Assembly.
Says coordinator of the organizing committee to create a party of freedom and progress Peter Kuznetsov:
"Now I have a part of the campaign was a meeting with an official deputy Alexander Shevko — MP from the Central district of Homel. I told him that for more than three hundred voters of the Central District wish to receive from him an explanation of why he voted for cancellation of benefits.
Shevko verbally agreed to give such a report, but next year — if so, obviously, there will be benefits and when almost completed his term of being an MP. "
Sovereign Kuznetsov said that voter signatures demanding the report will focus deputy silks mail.
Such letters will soon receive deputies from Kalinkovichi and Zhlobin — Raisa Tihanskaya th Kabernik Nina, and all parliamentarians elected in the Gomel region.
Coalition Democratic Forces will ensure that the authorities allowed pickets and rallies in support of the conservation benefits and civilian rights.
On the concerted action of regional democratic coalition says the local coordinator of the movement "For Freedom!" Vladimir Katsora:
"We, the regional favorite, then why not share. We all have more or less strong base — and the organizing committee of the" For Freedom ", which I represent, and the GPO, and PKB, and the Social Democrats that are the basis of our coalition. Because we can not because in other areas, look at the center, but just do business, which in present day consider more fundamental. "
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