Gomel: scion Timokha Ostrikova makes film about his father

"I am currently collecting photos, memoirs, to make a documentary film about his father. His fate he lived in favor of Belarus, which was devoted to one hundred percent. I would like to dedicate this movie 90th anniversary of the creation of the Belarusian People’s Republic of "- Said Ilya Vostrikov.
Gomel conducted Timokha Ostrikova last journey on November 14. He died the other day at 86 on, a third heart attack.
Per day until his death municipal television station showed the movie "Agent 2-intelligence." It employees Belarusian secret services supplied Vostrikov Sr. as a man who worked with the U.S. and the Soviet intelligence.
But, as the scion Timokha Ostrikova, his father tried to use and simply watched him, in fact, until the end of life.
Devotee the father was, views offspring, only Belarus.
Pieces memoirs Timokha Ostrikova offspring of the archive:
"I am often called in operchasts to persuade to write repentance, which I did not agree. I — Byelorussian government member BPR."
Recall that in August 1952, Timothy Vostrikov as an authorized representative BNR dropped from aircraft in the South American Naliboki Forest as part of the "quartet" for the organization of the national liberation movement. Group soon arrested. Timothy was convicted Vostrikovs High Tribunal BSSR "for treason with a weapon in the hands of" a 23-year prison sentence. He served in the punishment camps of Mordovia.
After his release he worked on "Gomselmash".
Only offspring Vostrikov, Ilya Three years lived in the U.S., and later — in Kamchatka. A couple of years reverse back to Gomel. Married. He lives with his wife in a dormitory. Working in one of the working system organizations.

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