Gomel: You must do the requirements of the European Union!

Man: "It is imperative to liberate them from these prisons! Must do twelve EU Fri! We in Europe with their orders, no one expects therefore necessary to release political prisoners. "
Lady: "I all the same — I do not climb these things. "
Man: "I think let are sitting: it is necessary, that was discipline. Necessary that their 58-article we sewed, as it was under Stalin."
Man: "Yes, the requirements of the European Union need to add another requirement united democratic forces release of political prisoners. "
Man: "If you deserve it, let are sitting."
Lady: "The European Union puts this question the release is very true. A person should not sit in the clink for their political beliefs. "
Man: "How much can you plant, you should produce all!".
Man: "If I knew the details, but because I I can tell. "
Man: "Releasing them need not to be the dictators, as at the moment. How differently? People are sitting for anything. They oppose Lukashenko, he planted them specifically."
Man: "Let as many are sitting still, but do not climb, where you do not need. Kozulin And then climbs into the presidency. Who he was? Kolhoznik!"
Man: "We need to produce, what it all the same power without opposition? In what country though there is opposition. This — democracy."
Man: "It’s — remarkable people, our Belarusians who fought for our Belarusian reality. Fact that they charged, I think, has no basis in reality land."

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