Grodno — on the Belarusian-Russian affairs

Man: "In my opinion, nothing has changed, I think so."
Reporter: "As regards the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia?"
Man: "So even recognizes Belarus, it’s not only depends on Lukashenko, it has yet to Parliament, in my opinion, this issue is addressed. This is not a solution to the problem Lukashenko is at the municipal level must be addressed. When were these actions, then, as Lukashenko once said that everything is neatly made, with his hand there was not any … I think everything will be fine. "
Youth: "Yes, no, did not change things."
Youth: "Between Belarus and Russia have in mind? I do not look for these relationships, I see the situation in Belarus."
Spades: "It’s hard to say, I think, slightly aggravated case."
Reporter: "Due to the fact that Belarus has not recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia?"
Spades: "Yes, I think through it."
Woman: "Between Belarus and Russia, it seems unlikely anything will exchange. Not know, maybe, more likely, that between Belarus and Europe things were better?"
Youth: "It seems to me that they have changed in the best side. Why Do not know."
Man: "No, nothing has changed completely."
Youth: "We are always great with Russian affairs were, I do not think it is relevant to this war. I for the fact that our friendship was strengthened. And what concerns Ossetia, I was not there to judge all the subtleties hard. I for the fact that people do not wage war in general. I, for example, like the Georgians. When in the army, the Georgians were very intelligent guys. "
Man: "Where are we going anywhere without each other? With regard to this conflict and the relations of Russia and Belarus, in Russia there are no claims to Belarus. And, on the recognition? This question is of course: why Belarus to assume any responsibility for the step that not consistent with it?’s all. It was sudden, because it will be a long time, and I’m sure that they recognize the new country, and Belarus, including recognize them. But in the context of their own national interests. "
Youth: "This question interests me, but judging by the news, in a relationship, nothing has changed."
Man: "I think they have changed, maybe even not quite in the best side. As has been said: the recognition of the independence of these republics will decide the new parliament. Anyway, it seems to me that things have changed is not the best side. We entrust that they will improve" .
Man: "Not changed. As the President said: new parliament will, he admits or not the independence of these republics."
Man: "And due to what they had to share? How do I know Belarus is not only recognized as the new parliament must decide."
Man: "Putin has done, and what we supported it — we too great. I served in the Caucasus, I know that Georgians minus that there is Saakashvili. Lukashenko friendly survived three days later made a statement in Moscow’s relations with Georgia. It plus for the Belarusian policy. fact that Putin comes to us in Minsk, is another proof that the Russian Federation should we. "

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