Grodno: Protestants are supposed to pray in the church

Not all religious community of Grodno have their own temple or at least room for prayers. For example, in the community Full Gospel "Living Word" about 100 believers. They have to pray in the chapel of the church by the grace of the priest. But as stated Pastor Dmitry Malyukevich have questions: still Protestant believers in the Catholic Church — it is "unusual" situation. Another such example in Belarus he does not know, says the pastor.
In This year community had found two rooms that were not averse to take her rent. Were oriented formal letters to the authorities, but in these areas at one point started to repair — and nothing happened. And this situation favored by the authorities of the believers did not feel, though often need to gather to pray is fundamental. Pastor Dmitry Malyukevich notes that the law on freedom of conscience and confession does not provide real equality of all religious communities:
"The purpose of this Act is to ensure and guarantee the right of everyone to freedom of conscience and confession, social justice, equality, protection of rights and interests, regardless of relationship to religion and religion, freedom of association in religious organizations. I note with regret that this law is not up to the task sovladevaet, and we must admit it and should do something about it. "
Pastor says that believers "living words" feel a certain discrimination on the grounds that do not belong to the main denominations, and to another. They feel in certain situations like second-class citizens, summarizes Dmitry Malyukevich.
In the "living word", but has excellent contacts with the representatives of some other faiths.
"I am very happy — says Dmitry Malyukevich — now Grodno have little experience of interfaith interviews, we have developed on a personal level very great business with a Roman Catholic priest, with Uniate priest, with other Protestant churches, and I personally really treasure this. "
Times a month they spend together — an ecumenical prayer. At last November, prayed for repentance of the people, for the fact that the country would never be repeated repression in 1937.

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