Guest Night of Freedom Leonid Mindlin — 60 minutes live

He will assess cooked our creators plot argue with them about their own experience favors.
It will complement the rest of the middle of the study "Radio Liberty" from Igor Corneille. Within a week, he figured out how to compete in Belarus for reducing casualties on the roads. Now he fail the subject and know what compensation are those who still hit the tragedy from insurance companies.
Leonid Mindlin also comment on the idea and script creation of the Belarusian "blockbuster" Belovezhskaya agreement of 1991 from Vladimir Zametalin, evaluate trends theatrical season in Minsk, doth over the fate of the poet Oleg Minkin, creator of a new poetry collection "Penaty" in time Vilna successful businessman, and at the moment — the builder, electrician.
Our public editor Leonid Mindlin also express their assessment decision Polotsk authorities to ban long festival "Rock-Cola", which became clear after negotiations nedavneshnih four rock musicians in the presidential administration. Mindlin rate sovereign himself "march" and a very sharp reaction to it in Belarusian society.
After 23rd hours you will hear a 30-minute program about the dilemmas of business in Belarus, cooked to order Leonid Mindlin, talk with our students head of the agency "BelaPAN" Alesia linden and "Journey to Freedom" in Ostrovec.
From 22 hours — in the air "Freedom" and the Web.

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