Guest night of freedom — public editor week Dar» I lis

Guest — public editor this week, disability vazochnitsa Dar» I November. She will comment on the poll — that people are interested in the lives of people with disabilities?
Painting Muratova "Two in One" was removed from the programs from the festival "Listopad". There’s a scene where Alexander Lukashenko congratulates the audience with "Happy New Year". Comment movie producer Oleg Kohan.
In research papers — smoking hookah and fashion. People talk about the harmful zvychyki.
In the "record" Alexander Pamidorau — "Mroya." Siege Belarusian web, in "Night Primer" Gregory Sitnitsa poems.
After 23 minutes — a topic that has ordered a public editor Dar» I lis — in Belarus prevents live people with disabilities to move? Guest "Freedom" yesterday was the last member of Supreme Council 13th convocation Vyacheslav Gerasimenko. Also, "Examination of Freedom" — will likely be used in Belarus geopolitical confrontation U.S. and Russia?
22-hours and the air of "Freedom" and the Web.

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