Happiness must be found at the gates of Europe

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In Minsk the Belarusian Popular Front party congress. As a result, voting as chairman elected Lavon Barshcheuski. By this occasion Council listener:
Alexander A. Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "In my opinion, it is better now to take a step back, so that tomorrow to make two forward. Only with a good walk, commiserate grief. A lot of grief done much power. And this is the best key is the best tool in the BPF."
Expression commented Chairman BPF Lavon Barshcheuski:
"I do not know just rebuild. BPF evil never went to the people, and came with a good. Believe that we are in any other message and can not go to the people."
December 13 on an official visit to Minsk Russian Federation President arrives Vladimir Putin.
Spades: "It’s unclear what Putin is coming to us, maybe we arrange" Iskander ". Adds own troops wage arms in defiance of the U.S. and Europe. Maybe going to wrench his hands, sign the contract and become a director of the Union. A our only deputy. So here Belarusians already opened eyes. Union — no! "

Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko an official visit to Venezuela. Comments listeners:
Man: "I look at BT announcements. We injected into the ears that Venesuela Tipo builds socialism or something like that. But if Hugo Chavez showed BelAZ car, then blurted out, perhaps, and said that" as we become a capitalist and earn lot of money. "
Man: "Naturally, you need to be friends with everyone. Including should not be an exception and Venesuela. But we need to find happiness at the gates of Europe."
Further expression on various other topics:
Vasily Silverst, military liquidator Kalinkavičy: "Good morning, Freedom, December, 17, abolished privileges Chernobyl liquidators, which in Belarus a few 10’s of thousands. Meanwhile the legal status of the Belarusian liquidators will be close to zero. I think that time has come and we must, ordinary liquidators, walk on October Square Minsk to protect their rights, that we deserve, risking their health. Since no other way. "

Asleep, children’s doctor, Vitebsk: "In a free tribune RL wish to appeal to the chairman of state TV and radio company sovereign Zimouski. Pochetaemy sovereign Zimouski, pochetaemy bureaucrat! Until when the Belarusian Television (NTV) will spin it in a big bottle of 2.5 liters of beer" Brewery "and urge to drink beer, while in large quantities? It’s a sin. "
The question is responsible managing the press service of BT Svetlana Kraskovskaya:
"As for beer, then in a new law says that from 7.00 to 20.00 banned all advertising of beer. And BTRC works in accordance with this law. "
December 10 — International day Human Rights. On this occasion, the subsequent call:
Spades: "I congratulate you, my precious Radio Liberty, funny day with international human rights protection. Fairer people love you and pray for you all."

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