HCAR: an upgraded version of the Browning Automatic Rifle BAR M1918

HCAR: an upgraded version of the Browning Automatic Rifle BAR M1918
Made excellent designer D. Browning Automatic Rifle BAR M1918 is an iconic instrument. Automatic Rifle BAR, which began service in 1917, performed right before 1950 and remained in service even in the 1970s. But BAR and after removal from service in the United States continued to appear throughout the world in various local conflicts. The company is now Ohio Ordnance Works, located in the U.S., sells and modifying this famous assault rifle. In the present article will talk specifically about the modified version of the rifle BAR M1918.

HCAR: an upgraded version of the Browning Automatic Rifle BAR M1918

As well designed and unusual small gun, rifle BAR M1918 ahead of its time. Because of this, it had some drawbacks that are inherent in virtually all advanced industrial products. Automatic Rifle BAR was twice as heavy as the self-loading rifles, and its implementation as a light machine gun was impractical due to tenure trunk and small magazine capacity. But it must be emphasized that the design tools, then made on the platform rifle BAR M1918, had a perfect design. For example, the Belgian company FN in 1932 released a version of the machine gun BAR (model D, having a pistol grip, bipod and the ability to change the barrel).

HCAR: an upgraded version of the Browning Automatic Rifle BAR M1918

In the automatic version of the rifle BAR, received the designation Heavy Combat Assault Rifle (HCAR), developed by Ohio Ordnance Works, were eliminated very unique model of inherent flaws.

In a brand new rifle version retained a unique caliber .30-06 (7.62? 63 mm), but the company is considered the ability to create other rifle under 7.62 mm. HCAR is packaged in a plastic cover, which is made on a 3D printer. Now handguard has mounting brackets for installation of various equipment and accessories.

406-mm barrel is covered with rounded depressions. The purpose of these basins — drop weight and improve cooling by increasing the barrel of its surface. The rifle is equipped with modern flame arrester AAC flash suppressor. Newcomer modification as a unique rifle has a gas regulator.

In recent newcomer HCAR available charging handle, telescopic butt Mil Spec and shop capacity of 30 rounds.

Ohio Ordnance Works employees failed to drop a lot of the latest version to 5.4 kg (perhaps excluding the weight of ammunition), in other words managed to reduce weight by 3.6 kg.

It must be emphasized that the automatic rifle HCAR — gun on the fan. Rifle intrigue collectors or athletes.

In 2014 the exhibition SHOT Show Company Ohio Ordnance Works introduce automatic rifle shooting HCAR progressive public.

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