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The digital age has changed our lives significantly. Today, the Internet, people not only have fun and socialize, they work here, and sometimes involved and other traditional brick and mortar business. For example, make a purchase.

What are the subtleties necessary to consider if you are looking for on the web health products? His instructions for users gives physician reflexologist, MD , Author of a unique "Slimming" technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyat Mukhina.

Knowledge — force

The biggest plus, which gives Internet — information. Before you purchase a product, you can read the description on the site, "break" him on the search engines and find various testimonials from those who have used it to learn not to write about it in the news, etc.

But there is a caveat. For example, in the law there is no such thing as an internet pharmacy. Yes, pharmacies can use their websites as a shop window, indicating the presence of certain drugs, indicating their price, posting instructions, etc. But selling medicines via the Web are not eligible. And rightly so, because in each case the doctor should understand.

For example, if you want to buy yourself a remedy for heartburn, the result can be just the opposite to the expected. If you live in the stomach of Helicobacter pylori, the reduction of gastric acidity play into her hands, the bacteria multiply, which can ultimately lead to the formation of ulcers. How do I know whether or not there Helicobacter? Only the results of the biopsy during endoscopy or a breath test diagnostics, which conducts and evaluates physician. And will be appointed at all other drugs, not antacids, with the whole family at once, it is a feature helikobakterioza.

It is quite another matter — the biologically active food supplements. They are not drugs, so in theory anyone can pick them up for yourself. But here we need to be vigilant. Thus, the site must be posted approval documents, including the conclusion of Epidemiology. Its one can — And should! — Synchronize with the base register on the official website of the department (

Reality and virtuality

Evidence of the reliability and adequacy of the online store may be the presence of his off-line implementation, where you can come and see and touch products, read all the necessary certificates and licenses, talk to a counselor or a representative of the administration. In general, the marketing website should not be in itself — it just might be the first alarm "bell".

The second "bell" — the lack of contact information, or a failure of a check. For example, the telephone number no one answers, and the actual address is lost in the back streets of the industrial zone. The third — a mismatch with the base permits Epidemiology, for example, if there is no such title or certificate is issued for a single product and sells it is completely different.

Lack of off-line version of the service, courier service only without the possibility of self-delivery, the scarcity of information about the owner — is a huge possibility of running into a fake. Even if you buy a seemingly innocuous dietary supplements. News feeds are full of reports about how in such preparations are potent drugs and substance.

Benchmarks for the buyer

Should look like an online store that you can trust, it can be shown by the example of corporate project "Origitei." First, are the real addresses in different cities of Russia, where it is possible to come to make sure of the authenticity of products. Second, there are all possible payment system. Third, all products are easily "breaks" on registries permits.

People with minor problems for example, I degree of obesity, it will be able to choose the online store essential for weight loss products. In more serious cases, of course, already required the intervention of qualified dietitian.

The main thing is that the store — not the only or main service network of clinics. It's a fashion accessory and tool where you can not only buy, such as teas for detoxification (especially important for those who lose weight) or bran for a healthy diet, but also get all the necessary information about themselves as clinics, as well as about medical procedures, used in them. I wonder what will soon be launched on an unusual project in the same online magazinae you can buy art works of artists who Origiteya clinic specialists helped to get rid of extra pounds.

For example, the TV presenter Tatyana Sudets already finished his career presenter and the ability to realize the CD with their songs would not be amiss for her help. And Nicholas Lukinskiy is in the prime of his creative powers and the method of Golden Needle gave him the inspiration for a new hobby: he began to paint beautiful pictures — flowers, landscapes, portraits, and offer your pictures for Nicholas — is to give a new impetus to the positive to his fans.

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