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Trip to Tokyo Forum on the Russian-Japanese Friendship preceded our meeting in Moscow with the Japanese company NISSO BOEKI Co. and its President, Mr. Shigeki MIZUNO. The company is working with Russia for more than 40 years and is engaged in export-import operations. Then, during the first meeting of President MIZUNO I asked what do you want from the Japanese market, because it is very complex and competitive sector of the world economy?! I said I wanted to find a partner for his project http://DO-RA.ru and try to go out with him on this promising and interesting for me to market.

During this meeting, I have demonstrated their devices DO-RA.Chups and DO-RA.Uni prepared in time for the Forum. When it's time to show the ability of a device-RA respond to the ever-present radiation during negotiations, I quietly got out of the portfolio of a metal box of candy. MIZUNO then I said, "You want us to treat candy …"?! To which I took, not only these and put a tin box to your device-RA. Within seconds there was an alarm on the iPhone-5, to which was attached a device-RA.

At the first sound of the alarm, accompanied by pictures of skulls and bones on display smartphone, all looked at each other. The participants have already been informed about the essence of my device and reasons for these signals. Then MIZUNO asked this radioactive candy!? When the box was opened, surprisingly of all, there was the usual, ordinary-looking compass 1949 release. Only in his luminous notation of numbers, the cardinal and the skyline guessed radioactive compound. I replied that it is a special fluorescent dye, which is used in the old navigation equipment and 70-ies of the last century. And it contains salt Radium (Ra) with a half-life of some 1008 years! Therefore, the old glowing devices and other products are not safe for our health.

President of NISSO BOEKI Co. loved a visual example of the demonstration presentation-RA and miniaturization of the device-RA working with smartphones. At the end of our meeting, he said: "When you're in Japan, I'm sure you'll introduce a very useful people for your project!" Then I said that I was going at the end of February, beginning of March in Tokyo to raise the level of the Russian-Japanese business relations. MIZUNO We agreed to meet in Tokyo.


On board our ship was flying to Tokyo more than 70 people in the Russo-Japanese Forum. It was assumed that the Japanese side will be not less than the delegates. But it turned out that the forum accredited more than 150 Japanese companies are not only less than 600 delegates from the host. In general, the Forum was a full house and availability was not on one of the sessions!

On the second day of the Forum, I submitted a report on the project-RA, named as "7th Sense". After all, we know that a person has five senses, the 6th is a integral body — intuition. On the other hand for the determination of such natural and man-made factors such as ionizing radiation and other powerful electromagnetic fields, the feeling of earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis and other precursors to having electric or magnetic components, the person never existed. So it occurred to the decision that the sensors, detectors and sensors for defining the natural and man-made factors harmful to human health or bring under class brand "7th Sense". Such sensors can be embedded in smart phones, we are everywhere and constantly use in life as signaling danger.

And so, after a successful report about the need for humanity "7th Sense", I was approached by Mr. MIZUNO and offered to sign between our companies NISSO BOEKI Co. and of "Intersoft Eurasia" Agreement of Intent. The essence of our agreement just lay in the fact that would make the promotion of the project "-RA" in the Japanese market. All this without unnecessary formalities and relaxed business environment, we were able to do in one of the meeting rooms GRAND PALACE in Tokyo, courtesy of the organizers of the Japan-Russia Forum.

After signing the Agreement, we went to the buffet hall and there agreed that the next day on Friday, eat a colleague MIZUNO and his good friend, Mr. Y. HONDA, President and owner of the Japanese company HONDA Electronics. Will go fast on the high speed train 270 km / h at the plant HONDA Electronics, which is 300 km away. from Tokyo …

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