House of Writers Who’s Who in the Belarusian literature

"Classical — it is an ideal harmony, symmetry, clarity, simplicity, the starting point, the golden fund"
Michas Scoble: "Lord, first conversation, I turn to the" Dictionary of foreign words "Alexander Bulyk:" Classic (from Lat. Classicus) — eminent writer, activist art. "" Classic — literary and art works of global recognition and care of their ages value. "If you judge by this account of Hamburg, who in Belarusian literature — classic, and what works in it — a classic?"
Michas Tychina: "I looked in other dictionaries — in Polish, British, and there is little explanation of the other, more refined. Classics — a measure of the ideal, harmony, symmetry, clarity and simplicity. (But imposed question: Is there a classic measure because that he by his own talent — byazmere itself. It crosses all limits.) Classics — it besides the standard of excellence recognized canon is the starting point, the base of the foundations. This is the tip, the peak that towers over us and which equated all of the following literary generation. This gold fund, it is a place of national memory, where we, as well, as a life-giving source, times have vorachivatsya. If we talk about the new classics of Belarusian literature, literature of the twentieth century, it Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas, Maxim Bogdanovich Maxim Gorki. Incidentally, Gorki was named after a classic yet own literary peers. Anddid it Ales Adamovich, the 80th anniversary of Goretskogo he wrote an article that was called — "Classic".
Scoble: "Although any passerby on the street to ask: who is the classic of Belarusian literature, and for you to call Kupalu Kolas … And you amaze us, as in time amazed Ales Adamovich, Accepted into the pantheon of classics Goretskogo. "
Tichina: "I would refer to another Vladimir Dubovka Joseph Pushcha Natalia Arsenyev, Olesya Nightingale. For me it is also the classics."
Classic — the title posthumously?
Scoble: "From your answer, I realized that the" classic "- the title posthumously. Indeed, criticism occasionally characterizes similarly contemporaries. Recollected except that the same entry Ales Adamovich to selected works Misha Streltsov, where exacting critic enrolling in the classics while still alive writer and called it a textbook works: "Smalenne boar", "One bast one chun", "Riddle Bogdanovich." Let’s take a chance and still — for navsled Adamovich — call names classics — our contemporaries. "
Anna Kislitsyna: "I think everyone will agree with me, if I call Ales Ryazanov and Victor Kazko. However, I wish to clarify instances when called classic in life, are not so rare. Everybody knew at Yankee Bryl life that he — classic. seems that only distance time with literary writer lyavravyya put wreaths on the head. But remember: Yanka Bryl died, and I do not know where he lived, where will the funeral. only knew that his house here and there on the street Drozd. So here, I moved there, guided by bouquets of white-red-white flowers. I drove most of the town hall, together with the ladies, who were carrying these flowers. And people walked down the street with flowers. And believe me, it’s better than lyavravy wreath which is put on the monument. But there are other cases.’s recently published book by Oleg Minkin, in the instructions for stating that his poems — a classic of the twentieth century. I know people who have and do not represent who se Oleg Minkin. And such people quite a lot. "
Scoble: "In short, the word" classic "must be handled carefully?"
Kislitsyna: "I think so."
"There is a global classic, and is a classic state: they do not always coincide"
Scoble: "Let spustsimsya from the top of the literary Olympus just below, on its slopes. Not so long ago in an interview with" Literary Gazette, "Nikolai Cherginets, chairman of pro-government Union of Writers of Belarus, said that in the post-Soviet Belarusian literature does not appear exciting new works, did not work modern classics. Is this true? "
Gennady Buraukin: "For me, the classic — it is in the 1-x, the level of skill, talent. A in-2, it is something that takes a respectable place in the spiritual life of the people. As is global classic, and is a classic state . And nothing unfortunate that this is not always the same, I do not see. If we talk about "living classics", for me it’s poets Ryhor Baradulin, Nyaklyayeu, novelists Victor Kazko Anatoly Kudravets.
As for the expression Charhinets, it is not only unfair, it is — evidence of his lack of knowledge in the literary process. I will mention only two interesting books that are known, which they say not only in Belarus, which have been translated into foreign languages. This "Ksty" Gregory Baradulin novel Victor Kazko "Mutiny unclaimed ashes." And we have declared "good" works of the obvious, but safe. But literature without thinking, without the right to their estimates can not exist. Then it is not literature, it service. Then the writer recalls a waiter who instead towel over his arm around books is owned by the owners. "
"Minsk — one of the European centers of literary creativity, where something happens"
Scoble: "I must say, nowshnyaya "Literary Gazette" (Editor Yuri Polyakov) willingly gives their pages writers from Belarus — those who are friends with power. Here is a quote from an interview with the 1st of the control of the very SPB Anatolia Avrutina "city has never been a literary center on the world map. Belarus tractors in the world were, televisions, watches … Minsk was literary province." What do you say about the "provincialism" Minsk? "
Tichina: "Please note that the application to" Literary newspaper "" Lad "funded from the Belarusian budget. Therefore not surprisingly, there are so willing to take the interview with Charhinets Avrutin … Fact, when killed majestic, gaps remain. So we happened treatment Vasil Bykov Yankees Bryl … And amid the lack of huge shadows writer average talent, third and fourth series in the literature acquires its sense of grandeur. I think mentioned interview — this is exactly the case. As for the "province", if the mean literature, Minsk — one of the European centers of literary creativity, where something else happens. "
"Alesia Ryazanov nominated for the Nobel Prize Shvedki Institute"
Kislitsyna: "Hunting add a few words about the" provincialism Minsk. "Few people know that Ales Ryazanov was nominated for the Nobel Prize. And it is not isolated Belarusians singled him Shvedki Institute, which is located in Stockholm. See, with Stockholm Minsk province does not look .. . "
Buraukin: "These statements about provincialism Minsk appear from the provincial thinking of those who invent these formulations. Well what Minsk provincial town? Take time even Russian. Same Arkady Kuleshov was the undisputed chief Russian poet. I’m not talking about the same Vasil Bykov that world recognizable writer. Which may be the province? But that Avrutina in the literary world does not know that Cherginets not very recognizable, not povinet Minsk. Culprit their level of creativity. And then there is one more sneaky trick. This is associated with language. Allegedly, whiteRussian language — provincial, and Russian — big. And Belarus has Russian writers who Belarusian-always humiliated in order to elevate himself slightly.
Not so long ago there was a book Avrutina, entry to which was not written by anyone anyhow, and PhD, Doctor. Here is what he writes about Avrutina: "This crying Olympic skill … Does verse to many modern and not only modern (see how the attempt!) Poets can come up with such a bloodthirsty killer cultural standards …" And now, to quote one Avrutina poem
, that we beheld what I mean:
"It was morning, no more than a morning. / Style was not more than a style. / Snow-white powder, no more than powder, / drizzled snow, and a little fever. / Splash tears, no more than tears. / Squirts blood, but not more than spurt. / The snow imprint mimosa / life is worth no more than life. "
Read — like everything neatly, okay, and you see a vchytaessya — primitive versyfikatarstva absolute "slovabludde" how to write love Russian criticism. "
Do I need a writer feeling his greatness?
Scoble: "I also remember one Russian poem, poet Nikolai Glazkov decent. I think he will be welcome in our conversation:" How majestic poet / modern era / I praised him, / Though my works are bad. / In nenalazhenny life / I’m falling, as in the extreme. / But let crystal rings / For my genius! "No matter how I try, nothing like the Belarusian poetry can not remember. Maybe our writers are extremely moderate? Do I have a sense of his greatness of the creator?"
Kislitsyna: "The feeling of greatness was not in the 1st our poet. I recall that "Exegi monumentum" ("I have raised a monument for himself") wrote and Vladimir Zhilko and Andrew Khadanovich (in an ironic understanding). And remember the poem Anatolia Sys: "The winds kiss my head, / My friends bust placed on the square. / I gaze grass grove, / greenish grass on the pavement." Can again recall "was. There. I will! "Vladimir Korotkevich. But have faith in yourself, which is implemented in the lines. Samopiara And there are cases when a person begins to create for himself a biography. Not so long ago I" Kalinouski "who currently live in Germany, mailed interview Olgerda Baharevicha German magazine. So there I was surprised to read that on the poll "Nasha Niva" book "Natural colors" Baharevicha — the most popular in Belarus. And the interview is called "I shamefully for their country every minute." And until February 2008 Baharevich receives a scholarship in Germany as a political exile. Nothing more, nothing less! ‘Cause I’m for the fact that a biography written in the works, there everything is permitted. "
"Folk poets Ryhor Baradulin and Neil Gilevich — figures pochetaemye not only in literature and in society"
Scoble: "One of the methods of construction in the literary hierarchy nedavneshnem last assignment was the national poet of titles or national writer. But since 1995, these titles are not given in Belarus. They are not canceled, not canceled — just do not give anyone. Affects whether this occurrence new authorities in the literature? "
Buraukin: "These titles are not seriously affect the credibility of the writer or inshga. Vladimir Korotkevich died without becoming popular not only a writer, but even the winner of the State Prize (her he was awarded posthumously.) Another thing is that in the perception of people , the electorate, it has some value. When own quite so critical attitude to the phenomenon, as the title of the national writer, I am against its repeal.’s agree, those who had the title were not random in the literature and in our own time professional people. This and Pimen Panchenko and Yanka Bryl, and Vasil Bykov, and Arkady Kuleshov. general, folk and Neil Ryhor Baradulin Gilevich — figures pochetaemye now not only in literature and in society. writer NOT to rank thing, and the recognition of its creativity . And if society recognizes him as a person, it is double happiness. So it was, for example, with Yanka Kupala. "
Scoble: "So let’s answer the question: how to become a famous writer? According views literary historian Igor Zaprudskaya, for this" need to work in the municipal publishing better in a managerial position. Then bookstores will be made thy works "(" Literature and Art ", November 9, 2007). Guaranteed to post fame creator?"
Tichina: "Later it turns out that those books off the shelves will dump truck, transported to a certain company and cut into toilet paper. And this happened in our history. There municipal literature, literature that merges with the state does in fact , the role of sensory equivalent ideology. And there is literature that disputes in the country the right to freedom and independence, its worldview. And such literature is in most cases a specific state within a state.’s when the poet becomes more than a poet. It is not intended from the Start to be the favorite poet of the people, the apostle of civilization as we love to call creators. writer has ironically refers to all this. Kuzma Dark, received first in own life Order of the Red Banner, shortly before his death, wore a jacket with the Order, looked in the mirror and say, "Well, Kuzemko and bestowed upon you?"
Scoble: "We had read about the worth or not worth samanazyvatstsa genius writer. But someone has to do the work that the West makes a literary agent. We have this profession is unlikely soon. Which initiatives should show creator is a desk ? "
Walt Whitman about the most for themselves: "You have come just right, dignified poet!"
Kislitsyna: "I do not believe that self-praise — it’s bad. I cite the case of the history of world literature. Walt Whitman in 1855 published a very decent book" Leaves of Grass ", but did not see her criticism. Has published at his own expense, and the book is not spreading . Then the poet with himself wrote several laudable reviews. "Finally appeared among us majestic South American poet … You have appeared just right, so! .. "And so on. Emerson And yet, at that time a cult figure in America, sent a letter to the poet, which praised him. So here, Whitman cuts without permission from the proper words and letters almost pushes on the cover of his book … So the writer must plead for his own fame. So I always read about the meeting of our writers with readers. Good writers. One of them, a living classic Gennady Buraukin, is with us in the studio. Ipatova Olga performs much … "
Scoble: "Notice Gennady did not protest."
Buraukin: "I listen to what it is complete. Critics need to finish and listen to the end."
Kislitsyna: "And when I read about a meeting of writers with readers in the province, I rejoice. Since this is the best PR move, the best initiative behind a desk. Will you go to the remote and show what you’re worth. Show your book, bring it back, which does not reach our knigagandal. "
Scoble: "On the days of the bookstore I came across another" initiative. "In the introduction to the book mentioned Avrutina published in the series" Golden Pen "(published by" Fiction ") created called" worthy of the Nobel Prize. "Same I read in the biography (!) ZHoru Marchuk placed in the book "Cry the farm" (series "Library of the Writers’ Union of Belarus." I remember — how Bykov or been nominated for the Nobel Prize, he nowhere did not mention it. But times are changing, so that a similar "self-promotion" and is allowed under the current criteria? "
Buraukin: "For Bykov main merit was not even such as the Nobel Prize, which he, of course, would be valued. Important thing for him was that what he put down on paper, reached his own people, and if it can be, to other nations. And for Charhinets and Avrutina main goal — achievement. Sorry, fun for me, when it comes to creativity ZHoru Marchuk, and mentioned the Nobel Prize. These self-highest unacceptable to me. Marchuk and Avrutin — nominees for Nobel? Excuse I read about it and embarrassed. "

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