How galasavalasya Russian Belarusians?

Alexander Bleshchyk — lawyer from Ekaterinburg, birthplace of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
Radio Liberty: "Alexander, as happened vote at a polling station, where you vote for?"
Bleshchyk: "Everything went quiet. The only thing that I saw at the site there was no disk imaging of the parties participating in the elections. There were programs of these parties. At the last elections in areas they were, and at the moment — no."
Radio Liberty: "Were there at the site where you vote observers?"
Bleshchyk: "No, I beheld. I lived on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg, we have here a small plot. Maybe in the center of town were observers from political parties."
Radio Liberty: "How do you assess the campaign?"
Bleshchyk: "We are all citizens of, well aware of what will be the results of the vote. Regardless of political views, we all know who will be the winner. As for violations, then I, as a lawyer, I believe that the violations were not huge, it was quite acceptable. But it must be emphasized that the financial support of parties was uneven. Some games obviously had more money, and therefore their agitation was more catchy. "
Capital banker Andrei Makagon went to vote at 10 am.
Makagon: "I went to vote in the afternoon, but had a lot of people on the site. To a greater extent people Incline age youth almost was not. At a site where I voted, were watching two: one counts the number of those who came to the polls, the second looked or used system disorders "Carousel."
Radio Liberty: "Andrew, what do you think the campaign as a whole?"
Makagon: "Sorry, but our homeland is on the way Belarus Belarus is somewhere in 1996. It was a landmark article in Pavel Sheremet" Gazette ", who writes, that our homelandwe currently need not sneer Belarusians, and learn from them, learn how to fight in such criteria. Those are independent parties who were not able to agree among themselves. I mean first "Yabloko" and SPS. All this company ruined specifically Yavlinsky, who refused to compromise, as the party "plainclothes Power" Borshevsky, who could not find a place in the ATP and had to do his part. Because Democrats went to the election with 3 columns. A lot of my friends went to vote for the party Borshevsky specifically as per the new trend in the democratic movement. "
Radio Liberty: "Belarusians different in Belarus, that in Russia. But Andrew, the circle of your friends Belarusian capital — for whom to vote more? "
Makagon: "To a large extent for the SPS and" Apple. "On those activities carried out in Moscow Belarusians usually come activists specifically these 2-parties, and to see how we live. Well Belarusian parties and allies — is again the same first ATP, and the least, "Apple".
• Photo: How Russians voted in Minsk?, 2.12.2007 • Our homeland: Gennady Zyuganov does not believe that the votes have been counted correctly, 2.12.2007

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