How is life in France?

I'm in my blog quite often write that about 60-70% of French people live quite modestly, and barely making ends meet. A lot of me, for some reason, do not believe, and believe that I obviously false modesty … For some reason … In this connection, I was ready to "sort through" its financial component to on his personal example to show all the numbers. So you can imagine yourself firsthand the life of a simple hard workers in the West — namely in France.

So here — the list of payments that month automatically withdrawn from my account:

1. Monthly maintenance of bank cards — 8.85 Euro.
2. Insurance FILIA-MAIF — 49,11 euros.
3. Additional medical insurance — 13.21 euros.
4. Flat fee (HLM, 78 square meters), including district heating — 465.73 EUR.
5. The fee for an underground car park — 30.92 euros.
6. Payroll taxes — 219,00 euros.
7. Housing tax — 105,00 euros.
8. The loan for the car — 98.28 euros.
9. Mobile communications — 17.50 euros.
10. Internet, home phone and digital TV channels in one package — 36.90 euros.
11. Gas — 5.99 euros.
12. Electricity — 32.25 euros.

So, it is easy to calculate that every month since I shoot almost 1,100 euros. Plus, every month I send 100 euros to his son in Rossiyu.Dalee. My wife has recently divorced, and the last four months, I live alone. So, in the morning for breakfast I spend about 4 euro — croissants, bread, etc. At lunchtime I still spend about 7 euros. In the evening, I do not spend anything — supper that is in the refrigerator. So, during the day I spend about 11 euros. The 11 euro multiply by 21 working days, and get the amount of 231 euros.

Next. Every Saturday I'm shopping in the supermarket, stocking products (not only) for the entire week. On average, every Saturday in the supermarkets I leave for 45 euros. These 45 euros multiply by 4 weeks, and it turns out that in a month I leave the supermarket for about 180 euros.

So, recalculate again:
Monthly payments are required — 1,100 euros.
Help son — 100 euros.
Business lunches and dinners — 231 euros.
Current purchases in supermarkets — 180 euros.
Refilling machines — 70 Euros.
Total — about 1,670 euros a month. And it is — no bling, but in a modest, considering every centime …
And now look at my payroll sheets. Photo — below.

In the photo above — my salary for the last three months. Amounts shown in red. August — 1,985.90 euros. September — 1,841.66 euros. October — 1,617.75 euros. Why the October I received so little? And because I spent half of October at home. The fact is that over the last few months I have accumulated a monstrous processing — about 600 hours. And for remanufactured hours, according to the law, we put either financial supplement, or compensatory time off. However, the time off — not paid. So, you're actually sitting at home at their own expense … But this time, my boss my processing partially offset by cash and partly — time off. That's why I got in October of 1617 euros. But could receive and downward.

Salary to 1,985.90 euros — is also a rarity for me. A salary I usually get when I drive about most of the month on business trips. And this happens not often.

So, my expenses for October 1670 amounted to approximately €, and my october salary — 1617 €. That is, from the outset of my modest budget, there was a "minus" to 53 euros. However, in October, with a further shot me another 105 euros — I have received from the States of the declaration with the recalculation of my property tax (taxe d'habitation). Photo declaration — below. The amount of tax — 105 euro (highlighted in red). And in November, with me still further will remove 21 euros.


In the screenshot below — the current financial state of my bank account today (Saturday, 3rd November). Account balance — 35 euros and 85 centimes. However, on Monday morning — November 5 — my account is in the "minus", because on Monday I will be removed from the November first payment in the amount of 62 euros and 32 centimes. What exactly it will be for payments? And this you can see in the following screenshot, even lower.


The screenshot below shows that on Monday out of my account automatically withdraw 13,21 euros for extra insurance, and 49.11 euros for the insurance FILIA-MAIF. That is to say, on Monday morning I finally go to the "minus" …

In principle, it is not yet dead. According to the agreement with my bank, I have the right to go to the "minus" to the amount of 200 euros. However, the bank with me for it removes interest. That is, in fact it turns out short-term loan. A short-term loans, as you know, are the most expensive …

Moreover, if I were to exceed the "minus" a limit of 200 euros at least one centime, and the bank will block my bank card. To block the receipt of money in my checking account. And do on my account they can only from one single source — in the form of my salary. And when will my salary? And my salary will come no earlier than November 10. That is, for a week — from the third to the 10th of November — I will live "in the red". And in my estimation, at the time of receipt of salary, my "minus" will be no less than 170 euros. Hence, my long-awaited salary immediately reduced to 170 euros, which will take the pot. Plus — the bank interest.

By the way, on Friday evening, when I returned from work, I have the scoreboard lit up the red light, signaling that the tank of my car is almost empty … Of course, on Monday I will not fill a full tank of his car and splash back ten liters , not more. Otherwise, I could easily pass for a "minus" a limit of 200 euros. A tank fill "the eyeballs" I can only pay after receiving … And yet … My job is 25-kilometers from home — on foot you reach, and buses do not go there. Without a car — no way. In France, this is simple: if you have a car, there is no work.

That's right, working on 12-13-14-15 hours a day, I could barely make ends meet … But in France, tens of millions of people live either in the same way as me, or even worse than me! Meanwhile, recently in the Russian blogosphere is very actively exaggerated obsession "fell from a broken Russian" to "full and fabulously rich West" … Well, well … God help you, the flag in your hands, roll the neck, and the breeze in the sails …

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