How to adore?

Clearly, love — from the unconscious of their own years. Simply, you have never tried vyslavits love, and here for you offer ready cliches. And now all depends on whether pretty strong feelings and your own self rather you’re a person to make a "fitting" of these clichés and recognize how they correspond to your heart because how.

For example, the municipal propaganda on BT under the guise of Belarus imposes me the image of the Byelorussian SSR — so Russian hypocrisy about big yields and happy veterans with poppy concerts "For Belarus!" With apologies Stalin, the KGB and Muraveva-hangman with obscenely stubborn requirement "adore" Belarus "in Russian."

Well, does not correspond with any kind of love my motherland their experiences, nor with its people and with its scenery and folklore, with no works Kupala Bogdanovich Goretskogo, Arsenyev, Heniyush, which responds heart, nor, of course, with the language.

But you should always ask the question that you were taught as a child: listen, and maybe it is you do not have rights? Maybe nedaadchuvaesh what? Maybe you do not accept these clichés, because his soul has already taken other? How do you know that those cliches — right?

Rebus clue that is not between a cliche we choose, and between love and its absence or something dangerous calculation. Exclude from the field of view is your personal feeling and do perabirannem cliche — is to condemn oneself to endless revision of what was once believed.

Auditor came to us!

And the truth is, how many people currently employed revision of the kind of Belarus, which was the usual you. I mean not even zakazuha when state pantheon of heroes "cleansed" of all non-Orthodox and collaborators. Countless volunteers revised almost everything in your presentation is the foundation of the national idea and the kind of the homeland, to put together voedinyzhdy your fellow citizens in humans.

In general, with the auditors to understand easily enough — they do not do anything (at least, not yet done). And throw something from the heart only to there remained a void, no one in their right mind would.

With state propaganda cliches harder. Here to answer for himself, "and it can I not right?" We need to listen to supravdy nature and delineate absorb images, words to call his hitherto unconscious love.

But what is love?

I will eat you …

Loves — not great nor bad. Just love — the essential, what’s happening with you these past few years, the 10-s.

If companion born son — perhaps the first child in our surroundings — in the midst of the rest of the anecdotes in this regard, I remember one. We laughed at the story about how my mother was a kid with him in his arms in a queue Minsk and aunt back, bringing in babies, with emotion said: "Well, what have we handle Sweet — Sweet knob left or right?"

To syusyukannya love has the same attitude as to fiziyalegii. It’s not about that.

Adore — when it already would have eaten! You want him to absorb, to swallow, to disembark for itself in heart under lock and key! Or — on the contrary. That he swallowed you swallowed ate. All are expressions of the same desire — to dissolve — or him for you, for you in it. With that love for a certain person is no different from the love of country, their own land, home.

Dissolve … How many times have we heard that someone has expressed a desire to be laid to rest there after death or there … He just wanted to get in their homeland, to be absorbed by it. But the real place, which he pointed out was only "traffic sign". In fact, he wished that it dispelled in love.

Love — is what the church defines the word "grace." This is the substance that is called God, and (God is love). We will not deal directly with this substance, because it exists in a parallel dimension. Perhaps we all come to this substance and then it disappears. Nothing anyone thinks that he come across on any other world. After all, he does not remember anyone from the world had come.

In fact, he came to love her and come back. And no specifics. (At least, until the Second Coming.)


If you think you meet there mom or brother — and it is not so. You rastvoryssya in love — their, own, there is universal.

Love for earthly man — dissolution: anyone inside or herself in someone. Dissolution — this creation. Love — creativity. Creativity, someone who was born the inspiration creates inspiration for you who is the product of listening, reading, looking.

Love, God, creativity … Neither real verse, no symphony, the picture is not written without love. This — dissolution.

We have found many a synonym for love. Inspiration, insight, insight … Different contexts require different name is the essence of what is unchangeable.

Love — maybe it’s congestion, but can — star. And now, when you know what really is it, you just have to listen to your own heart. What did you hear?

Well, nothing new, I did not say. But akreslivshy what love is, we can be easier to navigate in calling something or someone to adore.

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