How to comment on a statement in Minsk U.S.?

Official dealer State Department warned that "the United States will oppose at least some sample weaken the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights."
As an added Nicholas Bernz authorship of proposals to reform the Bureau, which will make it inefficient activities, belongs to Russia. Its support of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich not once participated in international conferences in Warsaw, where the Office is located, and Vienna, where the main offices of the OSCE. He notes Our homeland that always takes on forums such a tough stance against the OSCE and the Bureau:
"Very very criticizes them, accusing them of any double references, interference in home affairs etc. And then of Belarus with Russia. They spend synchronously policy. As well as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. These are countries that are soon subjected to more criticism by the OSCE in connection with infringement rights in various fields, be it freedom of speech, freedom of assembly or free, democratic elections.
Well, if you remember Lazavik Yermoshina and Lukashenko, they have repeatedly criticized the OSCE for the fact that it does not recognize the elections in Belarus. Also they say they are about double references, U.S. provocations. "
CEC representative Nadezhda Kiseleva comment on the statement made by the official dealer of the State Department refused:
"I can not give a comment. We only comment to the media and Lydia M. Nikolai Ivanovich."
CEC Chair Lidia Yermoshina and Secretary Nikolai Lozovik in place today was not. Special in the electoral legislation Sergei Alpher explains why initiatives to reform the OSCE and its Office proceed first Moscow and Minsk:
"What is proposed and Belarus, and Russia, are done under the pretext of fighting double standards. But it can lead to the fact that the OSCE did not fail to take any action on their own activities.
A this is done for the reason that in the last couple of years in the electoral process, advocating for specific reform of the OSCE, held in violation of the main principles of international and recognized international society. This applies first to Belarus, where elections are not recognized as free and democratic, since 1996. "
• ODIHR refused to monitor the elections to the Russian Duma, 6.11.2007

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