How to do?

Painter Vladimir Golub ride through the galleries and admires the works of old masters Vermeer looks like written yesterday! Earlier and stool made for centuries, but now all that is done — early. Three to five years — and varies kettle, washing machine, TV set. Cabinets, stools, tables have a shelf life. As butter or cheese. Yes that read, buildings, architecture, even landscapes — all the time, not designed for eternity, or at least grandchildren.
Our time will not leave antiques.

And the huge works of art — too. The Nobel Prize in literature are not at work, and for projects. Whom no reading of the latest winners — and could not read. Neither reason nor a heart.
The old school of Russian designer expressed the view that today’s ladies (in the sense of — structure) are deprived of the body. Home packages. The same thing in art and literature (the same incidentally, and in politics). Projects do not become works because their very essence remains raskreslenym Whatman. That’s all. End of movie.
For projects is funding. Early stools collapse into nothingness as "disbursed". But from the projects do not appear toddlers, and children from their nothing remains.
Even such a limited scope, as the Belarusian literature mutation in projects penetrated almost to the bottom. And an old and small write bitingly, evil or funny, we laugh or cry or get angry with them together, but only when reading text. Then — could not read …
Exile creator
The fact that the contractor of the project — not the creator, but only simulator works. He nakreslivae on paper "idea house" build that no one will. Simulator in our design world took place Vermeer creator.
In the magazine critic indignant that newcomer Neil Gilevich book published edition of 100 copies. With all of this — for the means of creation, the one that is always read in Belarus without exaggeration — massively.
Maybe people’s writer "does not fit into the market?" Precisely — Neil Gilevich hit the cover design. The money readers who I think is more widespread than ever, took it to the latest book, it does not allow power. With regard to the market, it is not. Thus in any field. There dyalezh corporate grants, which do not allow Gilevich well as overseeing the elections do not allow to count the votes, closing table with a dense row of ballots back. Grants go to "projects", and in fact — just fed some corporation that does not give any result or outcome.
Triumph debris

Someone referred to our "measured" from time to time while debris. Trash — very popular "trend" in literature, politics and life.
Most of Gilevichavyh colleagues confused. Others are struggling to meet the situation, and then write so that both of these criteria and can feed, and bring fame. But why do early master stools? If all creators to bend to this "tsyakushchy period", some will be found tomorrow in a new time will again become the principal is not a project, and the product, do not build forests and architecture body, some will be the presence of its own to change the playing field, in what became the creator padcharam and funded as a residual. remaining funds from the "absorptive capacity" — the creator and can pay something.
Oh, there were also once a time when the creator of a book publisher — ordered. By then make advances. Publisher aware that created the funds can live, walk roulette on drink. But the risk is justified by the fact that when the book still napishatstsa and out of printing, all expenses will be covered with a surplus.
In the ancient world, incidentally, and this time the project retain the relationship hierarchy, because they understand that losing such a hierarchy, and you will lose the chance to get out of this barren time. Gilevich words, "survived the war." If people would not embraced war as something early, as some kind of stability, they would never have waited for the end.
Tomorrow will begin with the return of the creator. When all the other participants in the process altogether zanudyatstsa own emptiness. And if the creator of this is not reincarnated as designers. Projects — all only searchlights. In literature, politics, life.
Who can make endless stools and do not give them "for nothing", because it is not kraslyunki on Whatman paper, and what was once our time will be antiques.

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