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An event that utterly offensive to the Stars and Stripes of the empire, considers itself a bastion of freedom and democracy. Austrian human rights organization «Democracy Ranking» published a ranking of the democratic countries in which the U.S. did not even make the top ten. It would seem that it's not an influential organization to pay attention to it. However, the low mark is very revealing and even on its own. It is our human rights activists in awe of the United States and consider them to be a certain standard. But the West often hold completely different point of view, considering the States as an imperial, almost authoritarian, state. And, most importantly, the offensive rating research results published in «The Washington Times», that is, they have brought to the American reader.

America once bitten, albeit not so painful. And honestly, that is — for what. Very much a non-representative democracy they have. And it is not even about the famous electors, but the voters. So, 51 million American voters have been registered in the last election. A 4 million citizens living outside the U.S. simply can not vote. About 5 million prisoners and former prisoners are denied the right to vote in connection with complex procedures restitution. It lovers of "the great American democracy" — as interesting.

In general, the world of progressive society tend to firmly scold America for anti-democratic, nationalism, and other "deadly sins" of liberalism. In this regard, very revealing book Ch Kephema "The Decline of America. Already soon. " Author — not just any critical minded journalist, but a professor at Georgetown University and director of the European department of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). And this is the CMO, it should be noted, is one of the most influential transnational structures. He advocated the establishment of a world government and a comprehensive strengthening of supranational institutions. Therefore, we can assume the position of Kapha your SMO and all transnational oligarchy. So, this learned man and an international "coordinator" puts the United States sharply criticized by announcing their biggest obstacle to the creation of a "world government." The main claim to the States like this — they do not want to put national structures and international agreements above American sovereignty. United States — against the Kyoto Protocol and the International Criminal Tribunal, they reject the defense, etc.

In principle, such a program works can be considered a kind of sentence execution is somewhat stretched in time — yet the country is big, do not just fall apart. Vaughn, the Soviet Union fell apart for decades — after the death of Stalin. And managed to destroy the hands of the Soviet reincarnates as the ruling elite. A reasonable question, and maybe America is just a ramshackle its own elitist?

To answer this question is to review briefly the balance, formed, as it were, in the international arena. As is well known, the world has long been moving towards globalization, and are interested in this process a variety of structures — too big profits is all-round intensification of international trade. However, the different structures of understanding globalization in different ways. Multinational corporations, for example, are interested in how to best reduce the restrictions that are unavoidable in the existence of nation states. And a lot of preparatory work in this direction is carried out by such influential supranational structures such as the Bilderberg Group (Bilderberg group), the Trilateral Commission (Trilateral Commission) and the Council on Foreign Relations (Council on Foreign Relations CFR). In the future, they are, in general, would not mind to remove the "legacy" of the state — hence all the talk of a "world government." It is clear that such plans are not completely satisfied with the national bureaucracy, who think of globalization as the convergence of economies, while maintaining states. The strongest national bureaucracy, as you know, is in the U.S.. It was she fully supports the strengthening of the role of imperial America, whose government, in its understanding, and a world government.

It is difficult to draw a line between transnationals and natsbyurami, because it cut across each other. Some TNCs are very closely linked to national economies, and some bureaucrats are direct appointees of transnationals. In addition, natsbyury participate in the activities of supranational structures. It's all very vague and open the eye of the casual observer very much. However, it lacks in order to do some construction.

In this regard, it would be very interesting to impose the above arrangement on a two-party system of the United States. With a certain degree of conditionality, it can be said that the Republican Party, with its relative Rightness and appeal to traditional values, closer to natsbyuram. At the same time, Democrats combine social liberalism and the protection of large supranational corporations — Intel, Microsoft, Apple, etc. By the way, the modern financial elite (and most bank capital is international) support is consolidated democratic party. "Wall Street is now fully for Democrats — says the well-known American political scientist E. Luttwak. — The financial moguls and their management are living in New York, a place with a very liberal community, and they are culturally very liberal. They say, "Well, yes, Obama will I pay more taxes, but if Romney becomes president, he will fight against abortion and gay rights." And they have a lot of money, which has helped them keep in the midst of crisis, the administration of Barack Obama. And among the people of the so-called "new economy" 9 out of 10 — the Democrats. So far in this campaign, Obama has spent more money than any previous president, he drew the money mainly from the financial sector, the post-industrial sector and some of the media. He has spent more than $ 850 million, and most of them he has received from Wall Street, not the poor blacks, believe me. " ("Americans tend to blame for their own misfortunes themselves"

It is significant that in July, the House of Representatives supported the bill to the full audit of the Federal Reserve System (FRS), which is a bit of the central bank of the country, only "private." And in September, JPMorgan and Bank of America were suspected that contributed money laundering by terrorists and drug traffickers. Natsbyury become hard pinching bank capital, preventing him from a determined attack on the state.

At the time, transnationals have relied on American imperialism, using it as a kind of a club against the Soviet Union and other regimes that do not fit into the framework of capitalism. But they, at times, put a spoke in the wheels of the American military-political machine, fearing its excessive gain. And there is already used different countries, sometimes friendly USA. Thus, during the Cuban missile crisis some support Cuba had red anti-communist Franco's Spain, a former ally of America. Only recently published documents on contacts with Franco revolutionary Cuba. "… In December 1959 an emissary of the revolutionary Cuban government Jimenez held talks with F. Franco in Madrid, — said A. Baliev. — The task of Havana was to obtain in Europe in term loan of $ 100 million on favorable terms. Jimenez said Franco, that the United States put pressure on the new Cuban government, demanding a compensation for land confiscated large North American corporations. Franco reaction was beyond all expectations Cuba: "Do not pay them any cents, or cents!" (The minor coin in Cuba and Spain). But Spain has had a financial aid to Cuba — that's why there is no official confirmation, though, according to some sources, the U.S., Spain and Portugal, the soft loan of $ 45 million Madrid still gave Havana in late December 1959,. Since the magazine wrote «The New York Times Magazine» (19.11.1979), «in Spain hoping that Fidel guide hefty nose to Uncle Sam." ("Secrets of the Cuban Missile Crisis")

It must be borne in mind that the very F. Franco at the time was in a bundle with the agent of the British Intelligence V. Canaris. It is no coincidence brave caudillo has not prevented the Allied landings in North Africa, leaving Gibraltar English. So, on this basis, support for Castro can be considered as an English course designed to enable States to a particular problem at hand. Fidel tried to place a bet, but he still chose to be friends with the Soviet Union.

Incidentally, the American far right, as they say, the dog ate, revealing connections shtatovskih officials and experts with communist movements and regimes. (China, Cuba, etc.) They have long been sounding the alarm, accusing his government of betraying the national interest. There are some very interesting conspiracy research on the subject — such as for example the book by J. Coleman, "Committee of 300". Sometimes they give paranoia, however, much of them are indisputable and just lying on the surface. Why are there conspiracy theories, it is enough to bring well-known facts. For example, in the United States have long and consistently pursuing a policy of de-industrialization. Statistics are staggering. If at the end of the 1950s the industry was 28 percent of the U.S. economy, it is zero at the end of this had fallen second to 11, 5%. In 2008, the industry's share was 11.5 percent (for a decade lost 32% of jobs in the industry). Production is falling, while consumption is 70% of GDP, and, of these have half per cent in services. Damped industrial centers. Thus, the ghost town was Detroit, more recently, was the center of mechanical engineering. In November, Michigan State Senator R. Jones suggested simply disband the city, and divide it among other localities.

Thus, the United States is rapidly losing the status of a powerful industrial nation. And there is every reason to believe that they cease to be a nuclear power. Here's an interesting observation made by blogger Rick Oreira: «If you assess the state of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) of the U.S. for the past 20 years, it can be concluded to be a complete and profound degradation, which since 2005 has taken an irreversible and uncontrollable. Under the uncontrollability of this process means that it is no longer controlled by the military and political leadership (CDF) and the United States can not be stopped by them … And now the facts. So: The last nuclear warhead was made in the USA in 1991. And with that — everything. Even more amusing that the last nuclear test explosion was carried out in 1992. And this despite the fact that the average age of U.S. nuclear warheads — more than 30 years, there are many of them were produced and deployed before the Reagan presidency. Where is the confidence that the warheads are still able to explode? "(" Do not be a country called Honduras "

But in the United States is gaining rapid scale separatism that threatens to destroy the country. Thus, immediately after the presidential election, more than thirty states have filed a petition to secede from the United States. The greatest number of signatories is registered in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Georgia.

And, characteristically all this is happening against the background of economic problems. Experts predict: "The United States at the beginning of next year will be at the" fiscal cliff "- a situation of sharp tax increases and a simultaneous reduction of budget expenditures. This combination could be a bomb planted under the American economy. You can solve the problem only through the joint efforts of both parties in Congress, but in spite of the fact that presidential elections and elections to the Congress ended, harmony between "red" and "blue" no. " ("On the edge of the cliff"

By the way, about the economy. Recently, companies from China, Russia and the United States announced the creation of a new rating agency Universal Credit Rating Group. Its CEO Hainsworth said: "Vladimir Putin proposed the creation of a kind of general credit rating agency for the entire Eurasian space, and we want to create a worldwide network of rating agencies to offer the international community an alternative view on the credit ratings of countries and companies. The problem is that U.S. agencies consider New York the center of the universe and does not take into account the strengths of other countries. They are assigned to American companies ranked higher than Asian, even if Asian company shows higher rates. " It is significant that the agency involved and the American campaign, that is, there is a disruption from within.

Another bell rang from Germany, which has a bone to pick with the United States. Thence government Bundesbank to check the size of the gold reserves of the country. Simultaneously the withdrawal of German Zolotishko of the Fed. It is assumed that it will be forwarded to Germany by sea in the next three years.

That's all it is worth the sum and draw appropriate conclusions. By the way, here's Gorbachev Forum conference in Turkey in the new policy of the United States predicted the fate of the Soviet Union. (You can not ignore the fact that headed by the ex-president of the World Forum aims to create a "global integrated civilization") Well, it is necessary to listen to Mikhail Sergeyevich, the experience he has in these cases is huge.

Alexander Eliseev

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