Hugo Chavez was defeated in a referendum

Yesterday there was a referendum in Venezuela, during which citizens expressed their attitude to the amendments to the Constitution proposed by President Hugo Chavez. President Chavez opponents accuse him of usurping power, and supporters insist that the reforms posodeystvuyut strengthen democracy in Venezuela.
Chavez proposed override configuration, namely, restrictions on re-election of the 1st and the same person for president, supported by 49% of participants in the referendum. The President proposed to amend the country’s constitution following configuration.
Namely, it is proposed to give the central bank under the control of the President, also plan to make a new province, which will be subject to the center, and to curtail the powers of local government.
Chavez also proposed to cut down the working day to six hours, and 16 years to declare the age of eligibility for a role in the election, instead of 18, as it was previously. In voting assumed the role of about 16 million people, RIA "Announcements".
Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, Chavez will retain the presidency until 2014, but if the configuration of the Constitution will not be made, at the end of this period, he will be obliged to resign.
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• Chavez taught by Lukashenko, 15.08.2007

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