I do not believe that the body of the union of the country will suddenly become alive

Tsigankov: "The web site Belarusian partisan" an article by Svetlana Kalinkina "Mental impasse" in which the creator claims that presently flared up again a threat to accelerate the integration process between Belarus and Russia. And this is the threat, which, according to the views of Svetlana, most journalists and politicians, not harsh directs attention. What happened, what, in your opinion, this threat has increased? "
"I think that at the moment just try to buy Belarus"
Kalinkina: "In 1-x, the statement after the meeting of Belarusian and Russian deputies in Smolensk, the Constitutional Act and agreed he could be signed as early as November, and the last time — until the end this year. In-2, change the rhetoric of Belarusian officials, first as regards the ability of a single currency. And finally, on this idea I pushed a debate that goes to the analytical circles about the future of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. If you see very many Russian analysts they say that Putin could test their strength specifically for a "union" of the place.
Also — were activated on topic Russian "patriotic" websites. We know that many of them are directly related to the Belarusian administration. And in general, "patriotic" forces of the Russian Federation has always strengthened their efforts, consulted with the official Minsk. Because I think we calmed down early, as if there is no danger of association.
Tsigankov "Svetlana, you had read their rhetoric Belarusian managers. What do you mean? Maybe it’s just caused another round of talks over gas prices, and the rhetoric of change, regardless of distance of these negotiations? "
Kalinkina: "No. That’s not quite true. It was first associated with the negotiations that Belarus is due to get a loan for a few billion dollars. Our homeland all this year refuses to give credit, but on the days of money Minister Nikolai Korbut said the latest talks were very successful and fulfilling certain criteria we can this year to get this loan. Because I think we just try to buy now. "
Tsigankov "Paul, how do you feel about this version Svetlana? Or is heightened rhetoric, which happens once per year or even more often?"
"There are no configurations in the Belarusian-Russian affairs, I do not see"
Bykov: "To be honest, I do not see signs that something changes in the Belarusian-Russian relations, and specifically in this direction. During 1-x, with regard to the Constitution Act, it really is a few years as agreed. But he did not put to the supreme council of "Union countries." At the technical level, it did not work. And the fact that it was written, it was written long ago. Another issue that after, he was "agreed", new amendments. Techno routine to hide the document from the scrutiny of journalists, because they simply do not have the ability to look after all the amendments that arise there.
As for the ruble place, just this year Belarus has officially announced that she "advyazvaetstsa" from the Russian ruble, which she was not tied. But it was some political step, when the head of the National Bank Piotr Prokopovich said that we "advyazvaemsya." Because in any real danger that the corpse of the "union of the country" will suddenly become alive, I do not believe it. "
Tsigankov "Svetlana, for example, Pavel Borodin, the municipal secretary" allied countries ", almost every few months gives" sensational "statements about the expected breakthrough in the integration. Maybe you need more tolerant to certain statements and facts? "
"Federal Government" is converted to the economic structure "
Kalinkina: "We just analyze the Federal Government in the classical matrix as a political entity. And in fact it is uniformly converted into an economic structure that may be leading to greater dependence of Belarus on Russia than it was previously.
Specifically, at the moment These processes activated, and I wish to remind Paul that last week, the chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Piotr Prokopovich reiterated that the Russian ruble topic has not been removed, and that, say, we go to him. Belarusian bureaucrats their views on the alliance with Russia vary depending on what they have now needs within the country. Belarus is intensive sale of property specifically Russian business, although much has been said about Western business, on Western technology.
I think monetary expansion more terrible than political expansion. Do not pay no attention to it simply can not be. "
Tsigankov: "Last year the Belarusian management seems able to strategically delay the situation so as not to give a lot of the Russian Federation. Is there currently are signs that this strategic line under threat? "
Bykov: "I remember such a literary character, such as box, which did not want to sell even Chichikov dead souls — but eventually sold. Certainly, the Belarusian government is currently in the role of the box and is. On the one hand, a huge income, many enterprises do not give and exist outside of economic relations with Russia many businesses really can not. On the other hand, the fact that they are tied specifically to the industrial line of Russian industry — makes them particularly exciting for Russian investors.
Then that reads Svetlana — basically, if this is really very many. The word "expansion" has the right to exist if it is proved some real steps. For example, if our own homeland translated here gambling, as many are insulted, or buy a single enterprise sector. This will fundamentally, then fall into Belarus certain dependence.
But now it until I see it. There are political dependence, dependence sales market our products, the purchase of raw materials in Russia. But even with all this manual Belarus recent years there diversification of foreign trade. "
• "Union tele" waiting for 10 years, 14.11.2007

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