I hope I stand by the post! .

Man: "For the Orthodox, this is the full post, lasts 40 days. In accordance with the precepts of Jesus Christ, his patience. Fasting — business volunteer. This desire to do good.’s All. Plain and simple."
Guy: "I believe that the requirements of the post early Christianity developed as of mandatory for those long storage means health. Currently too it is very excellent, if appropriate approach. And still think, it must not strive for perfection through the post, and consciousness. "
Lady: "Is it hard to fast? On the contrary! If you everything is fine, thank God. If bad, then ask. Only this live. All what’s happening, Thank God! . "
Lady: "The law of fasting: Who wants — fast, who do not want — do not fast."
Lady: "I — a believer, but to a greater extent in the shower. Maybe I’m not doing anything, because the family was once the military. But I baptized."
Man: "I find it hard to say whether I comply fully with the post, but, but, I try."
Guy: "No, the requirements of the post is not saved. Due employment fails and very languid life."
Lady: "No, I do not keep the post. Because I eat out. During Lent can limit yourself and greasy food. Watching your diet. On my eyes, it is not hard to do. "
Man: "If you answer honestly (and now will seek to withdraw from the heresy), the requirements of the post I totally do not perform. But, first, I try to behave correctly. Going by the inner calm."
Guy: "I hold the post in the sense that Orthodox Church calls them. DO NOT eat meat and milk. But fasting is not only a restriction in the diet. Fasting — a spiritual thing. Do not insult your own family and friends. Time for something to come to terms with them. Need to read the Old Testament and the New Testament in order to rise above spiritually. I hope I stand by the post! . "

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