I.Lednik: without democratization does not protect rights

At the current press conference organizing committee members urged the United Nations urgently begin examination of actions of the Belarusian authorities against political opponents. Noted a number of human rights defenders rights violations people of the country.

Previous Lawyer Alexander Kozulin Igor Rynkevich dressed in the dark, so that at a press conference in addition to show: day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Belarus — no municipal prazdnichek, and a day of sorrow and struggle.
"After all, it such a day, which is usually accompanied by various human rights violations. And now the morning Makaeva detained businessman, who also comes to our organizing committee of the Public Commission for the Protection of Victims of Political Repression. "
Igor Rynkevich read a statement in which the organizing committee of the Public Commission calls on the UN to strengthen control over the human rights situation in Belarus. Namely, it is proposed to make a group of professionals who appreciate the acts of the Belarusian authorities against political opponents. According to human rights, the Belarusian authorities targeted repression against opponents.
The greatest number of examples of persecution, which were made at a press conference, concerned businessmen who just while going to the rally on October Square. This happens in spite of the equal right to judicial protection, announced the Declaration of Human Rights, recalled lawyer Sergei Balykin.
"Against businessmen used, among other measures-court pressure. Many penalties are imposed administratively, without a trial, because you can read: this principle of the Declaration made in Belarus."

Catherine Sadovskaya, years which has left women’s prison in Gomel through charges of defaming the President, assured she beheld the Declaration Human Rights exclusively in the prison library. What to real life in the colony of this document there do not know and they are not controlled, says Catherine Sadovskaya.
Or resolved in human rights at least some prepyadstviya?
Businessman Igor Glacier expressed his outlook: "Massive human rights violations in Belarus are inevitable, until a democratization of political life."

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