I. Rynkevich: Parliamentary campaign in Russia is more reminiscent lukashizatsii the electoral process in this country

Acting chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF in Belarus Yury Belenky says:
"In my opinion, all the" and "are already placed. In Russia, where the KGB has unlimited power, held an election farce. His goal — to preserve the status quo of this kadebeshnay power.
Then there There is nothing similar to a real democratic process observed by all democratic observers. And this is natural, because the KGB and democracy — concepts are not compatible. Empire and democracy are not compatible concepts too. Because the respective outcome of these elections has already been programmed. It will be what it has caused this power. Basically we have a similar previously watched here in Belarus. "
Jora Atamanov — Secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus, which supports the policy of Alexander Lukashenko, says that it is very simple. But this does not prevent him now watching the news from Russia:
"As to the forecast, it seems to me, the result is to some extent predictable." United Our homeland "receive certain most. And in the second place, I hope, will be the Communist Party of Russian Federation."
For Sergey Alpher — spices in the field of electoral law to the State Duma elections this noteworthy of Prof. enthusiasm. He says that in Russia the situation is somewhat different, than in Belarus:
"There’s a hard technique to falsify the results of administrative resources by 50-70%. But 2-3 or 5% — it mattersetsya painfully simple. And showed that the local elections in Russia, which were held in the spring. Because everything depends on the willingness of the authorities. If they zahochut, that was three games, for example, to the same party or Mironov Zhirinovsky, so he again entertained Russian people, there will be three parties. Either four. "
Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Igor Rynkevich
"Unfortunately, segodnyaschy parliamentary campaign in Russia more recalls "lukashizatsii" the electoral process and in this country. Wait that the Duma will get several parties who claim themselves as the opposition, is not necessary. So makarom, develops typical ruling party and its satellites. And ordinary democratic structures likely the parliament will not pass. "
Deputy Chairman of the International Committee of the House of Representatives Sergei Kastsyan results of elections to the State Duma first connects with the prospects of the Belarusian-Russian integration. He notes that the very principle who and what will win now:
"And what policy will be further towards Belarus. How quickly and how well the Federal Government will be built in Belarus and Russia. Because these elections and cause a lot of enthusiasm among the leading Belarusian politicians. They have enormous political and economic significance for the construction of the union of the country. And even in Overall for the situation in Europe. "
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