I would like more truth in the newspapers and on television

Woman: "I think, that are made, but not always. "
Man: "Maybe made, but I think not entirely because it would have to do."
Reporter: "What do you mean?"
Man: "For example, the contract system. This is a violation of human rights."
Young Man: "Very many young professionals are forced to go on rassredotachivaniyu, and there do criterion pay low wages and have to work all the power."

December 17 canceled benefits for students and seniors — that’s a definite example of the violation Human Rights

Lady: "violated almost everywhere and every day, even in transport, store …"


Man: "What I I can tell. I have a disability, get a pension, that’s all right. "


Man: "On my eyes, we all right, here waiting for a second baby. "
His wife: "We just have not yet touched it."
Young Man: "I’d love to configurations with respect to students. Our rights are constantly ignored, even so the session pass. Dean and teachers exams administered after the new year, instead handed to them in December, and later quietly relax. And I would like more truth in newspapers and on television. "
Lady: "Naturally, violated."
Young Man: "In Belarus there this problem, and the need to make any configuration. December 17 canceled benefits for students and seniors — that’s a specific example of human rights violations. "
Woman: "Naturally, violated at every turn."
Reporter: "Do you have any examples?"
Woman: "Here I am expelled from the institute, and I can not prove to anyone, I didand it is unfair. A farewell uttered these words: we — the administration, and you — a student and therefore can not prove anything. "
Woman: "I believe that being violated."
Her friend: "They are everywhere and in everything violated: the right to freedom of expression, of assembly. Faced with this every day and this is all used to. "

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