In Australia, children are taught that heterosexuality — is not the norm

The initiator of the program by the former Education Minister Verity Firth

In accordance with the program of the Education Department of Australia, which is called the "Noble School", Australian children in schools will now say that heterosexuality — is not the norm.

"Heterosexism" — one of the evils against which the new program, along with "Homophobia and Transphobia", — explained the education officers. Judging by the text of the minutes of the meeting of the initiative group "Noble School" from March 22, 2011, the program aims to combat "not so much homophobia, heterosexism as with".

The Committee suggested the need to oblige teachers to see to it that children, even in non-instructional time, did not use the words and expressions that are somehow connected with the idea of the superiority of heterosexuals.

On a pilot program has already allocated 250 thousand dollars and it already operates in 12 public schools.

The initiator of the "Noble School" in 2010 by the former Education Minister Verity Furst. The initiative was supported and the new Minister Adrian Piccoli, who said that his ministry will do everything possible to "eradicate bullying related to homophobia." A similar program is in place in Victoria. It's called "Safe Schools Coalition" and aims to "support sexual diversity."

The "Noble School" recommends lessons on personal and physical development of children from the seventh grade (12-13 years) in order to "give them an idea about the sexual attractiveness and diversity of sexual behavior."

The appearance of the newspaper «Sydney Telegraph» series of articles critical of the program and publication of the minutes of the meeting of the initiative group "Noble schools" have caused a storm of indignation among gays and left-wing publications.

Browser »Telegraph» Miranda Devine wrote:

"I am categorically opposed to students being brainwashed, especially when they go through puberty. Homosexuals are no more than two percent of the population — I do not understand why the Ministry of Education pays the topic is attention. "

"We get the most baffled generation in the history of … children should provide an opportunity to develop in a natural way."

Officials respond to it, that is not going to close the program:

"I think that the choice of sexual orientation is not at the mercy of a man more than his sexual identity — says Barry O'Farrel. — Discrimination is unacceptable, whatever its underlying — gender, sexual orientation, race or anything else. "

However, opponents of the "Noble School" fear that the effect of its implementation can be directly the opposite of what is expected of its creators.

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