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Dmitri Plax — recognizable writer, painter and translator who last few years constantly lives in Stockholm and works as a producer of the Belarusian Radio programs from Sweden. In an interview with "Freedom", he admitted that translate a book for kids was even more languid than translate works for adults:
"If you took up this job, such thoughts were:" Well, there, children’s book — sit down and monthly transfer. "But — no."
Pippi Longstocking distorted name in Russian translation
Children’s vocabulary vydumlyalnitsy Pippi, her poems and songs, pun on the Swedish alphabet (besides, many expressions now are not used in the original language), — all this, as stated Sovereign Plax, very difficult job. In addition, many of the words were very distorted through Russian translations, including the naming of the protagonist.
Dmitriy Plaks believes that the complexity of working with such books are a one of the circumstances, why in Belarus so far no government does not release publishing books by Astrid Lindgren, translated into Belarusian original.
Kid and Carlson for the first time came in Belarusian
Meanwhile, private publishers "Kolos" recently issued on the anniversary of Belarusian first book of a trilogy about the Small and Carlson and the end of the year promises to release another one. Interviews with her translator Yuri zhelezyaku you hear in our Saturday programmke "House of Writers."
Editor of these books Barshcheuski Lavon was the first Belarusian translator Astrid Lindgren specifically with the Swedish language. His translation of the book "All our kids with Bulerbyu" was published in Vilna in 2000, when the monetary support of the Austrian newspaper "Salzburger announcements." According to the views of the Emperor Barshchevsky municipal Belarusian publishing efforts with a large Swedish storyteller books are not needed:
"Were very difficult negotiations. We do not want to give the author’s rights, because they recorded that on the ground of the former Russian Union there is someone on the author’s translation. They justify long that it does not transfer to the Russian, and whiteRussian language. Had a bunch of slingshots, but the people they overcame, and the government does not do and never will. This, of course, shameful, because the government should bother about such things. "
Petition for their own malehankih readers who, like this one the girl Alesya, hunt read in their native language:
"As Belarusian interesting."

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