In Denmark, low-income women violently forced to have abortions

Simon Jorgensen

Social workers municipalities in Denmark was forced to pregnant low-income women to give up her second child. So, Simon Jorgensen told how, in September 2011, her caseworker forced her to have an abortion:

— My social worker told me that if I want a daughter who I already have remained with me, I should have an abortion — the young woman said in an interview with «Copenhagen Post».

Several lawyers have confirmed that municipalities have repeatedly forced young women like Jorgensen, have abortions.

Buurgard Lars Sorensen, a lawyer from the town Brenderslev said that calls from these women come to him "in a day." Another lawyer, Rasmus Hedegaard of Aarhus, confirms the words of his colleague, saying that such phone calls from women who are under pressure from the municipality, he gets almost every month. The lawyer said "offensive" that the government "threatens the young woman that will select its existing child if she did not dare to have an abortion."

However, as the «NewsBalt», social workers in Denmark do not believe the accusations justified.

Peter Bruges, head of social services in Randers, where previously lived Jorgensen, convinced that his subordinate, talking with Jorgensen, had the right to mention abortion.

— I think that talking about abortion as a possibility — this is normal. This, of course, does not mean that someone should make. But they must be aware of the possible consequences if suddenly decide to have another child.

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