In Gomel farewell to Timokha Ostrikova

Say goodbye to Timokha Ostrikova — members of the group, which was parachuted in Belarus for the underground organization of the state — came and prisoner of the Gulag, Pastor Ernest Sabila.
In commemoration word pastor remembered:
"I met with Timokha Ostrikova camp in Mordovia and immediately vyznat it sincere Belarusian, patriot. Even before they put me in the camp to conclude, as a student, I listened to the transmission of" B-52. "It’s about a group of them, which was abandoned in Naliboki Forest. It was inflexible man, it was a sincere man. It was a Belarusian fighter, it was a Belarusian wrestler. Until the last minute, being in the midst of Russian in the camp, he spoke only in Belarusian — and with the administration, and Prisoners . This caused surprise anyone, and who praise and satisfaction. "
Timothy Vostrikovs as other participants landing group, was arrested and convicted, was the camp and after 22 years of captivity returned legally to Belarus. Settled in Gomel. Native village he Barshchouka that Dobrush district. Worked on "Gomselmash" ordinary worker. Married when he was more fifty years. With his wife Lena grown son Ilya.
Son, despite the fact that he grew up in the city, mostly Russian environment, has excellent native language:
"I’m behind an ordinary school. This is all thanks to my dad, he taught me our language. He always fought, never read in Russian. He fought in its history, for its own people. How many times he read:" The history of my existence learns only one who went to the claws of the KGB. "
Gomel activists point out that, despite the long-standing repression Timothy Vostrikovs spirit is not broken. Long as he could, he even helped people.
Ales Evseenko recalls, the first manager of the regional branch of the BPF:
"Even when only the thaw began Shushkevich we talakovtsy, began to create Belarusian Popular front. Ales Bialiatski was a postgraduate student and vyznat from archives that live in Gomel Belarus sign three persons — it Vostrikovs Timothy, Gregory and Vladimir Klimovich Strigutsky. These are people who put their lives on the altar of our true independence. When closed our school and I was out of work — I, the wife, the child is born, to us a real Timothy Akimovich promote. We simply did not buy bread for that. "
Timokha Ostrikova buried in the cemetery of the village Romanovichi that 10 kilometers from Gomel.

In pictures: funeral Timokha Ostrikova

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