In Italy closed the largest steelworks in Europe

27 November the Italian government arrested the leaders of ILVA steel plant in Taranto, then Europe's largest metallurgical complex ceased to function, pass euronews.

The prosecutor's office reported that employees of the plant just will not start up on the grounds. At the same time, the plant's products were confiscated, and therefore got a few Italian companies.

ILVA leadership charged that they hid the extent of the damage that they inflicted plant ecology. According to the prosecutor's office, waste companies do not meet the standards, which is why in the Apulia region, where the complex is located, has sharply increased the number of cancer patients, disorders of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

"This is not just a" technical "investigation. This case concerns the very principles of civilization "- said the chief prosecutor of Taranto.

According to prosecutors, the heads of the plant regularly gave bribes to local authorities in order to conceal the scale of the disaster.

In addition, the workers of the metallurgical complex pitted against the prosecutor's office, as if the plant is shut down, the number of unemployed will increase by Italians 25,000 people. Contrary to the prohibition, many workers remain in the shops and call for protests.

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