In Kurapaty CHelyuskincev Park and commemorated the victims of Stalinism

The park CHelyuskincev members of the public lit candles Committee about the memorial cross and paid tribute to the victims of Stalinist repression moment of silence.
Co-chairman of the committee of public writer Vasily Yakovenko began totaling announced public commemoration.
"People do this, those who lie in the land, apparently expecting that someone will remember about them. And not only good word, and loaf, how to change this situation. Year completed before the end of memory. Another such action will "- Basil says Yakovenko.
It is expected that the following tribute to the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression held on December 29.
Childhood Committee Secretary Vladimir Romanovsky passed in the Gulag, and his theme of Stalinist repression — personal pain.
"Imagine a kid — 5, 6 or seven years. To you for some people came and took you mom and dad. Years later brought the paper that this was the case. So where bones divide my parents? We need to this question answer ", — said Vladimir Romanovsky.
Childhood chairman of the Belarusian Association of Victims of Political Repression Zinaida Tarasevich also took place in the camp.
"I go in Kurapaty, the park CHelyuskincev and always remember my Ohtamu where I was born, because there are the same places where killed Belarusian farmers. Survived only a few. I go here — maybe someone will come back" — Zinaida Tarasevich trusts.
After the park CHelyuskincev activists public committee headed Kurapaty, where in 1937-1941 years punishers NKVD shot, according to various estimates, from 40 to 200 thousand people.
People lit candles near the Cross of suffering, benches Clinton Kurapaty stone and other memorable characters in the tract. Flutter white-red-white flag.
When people started to sing "God Almighty" police officer civil ordered collapse present flag. But people sang the song and the flag is not curtailed.
Policies Siuchyk states that in next year public committee will honor the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression.
"I will try do, shares to the 29th and remained in the coming year. Try to arrange and literary evenings, as the subject of the Bolshevik atrocities in our land to This time burning.
The main task — not only pochetat memory of victims of repression, as the 70th anniversary of the culmination of repression. We need to do this always. After the atrocities. That have been on our land, they were. And yet our society learns this, decent coming we will not, "- says Siuchyk.
At the initiative of the public committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression 2007th year announced memory. October 29, 1937 in Minsk, Belarus executed many members of the intelligentsia. In the inner NKVD slammer overnight were killed about 100 people, two of them 20 — writers.
29th of each month, the organizing committee pochetaet shootings.

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