In London, there were Sharia patrols

In some areas of the British capital for a few weeks there are so-called "Sharia patrols", which involved the most ardent supporters of the observance of Islamic traditions even abroad. This is with reference to the statement by Scotland Yard told the newspaper "Sunday Times".

Dressed in black hoodies with hoods covered their faces, radical representatives of the Islamic Youth Exposure "patrol" is mostly outlying areas of London after dark. Acting group, they are, in his own words, "defend the Muslim territory of inappropriate behavior" of other Londoners. In the category of unacceptable activities include drinking alcohol, causing too much wear or simply outdoor advertising.

Subsequently, the participants share videos of their "patrols" spread on the Internet. In these commercials can be seen as a group of young people pulling out of the hands of a frightened British teenager can of beer, then she flies to the asphalt. In a similar video, "intimidating", which has already been removed from the website "E-Tube» / Youtube /, the same activists literally force a man to pour the contents of its banks. "This is Muslim territory, which means alcohol is forbidden" — say the young people. "You can not dress like that in an area where there is a mosque" — sounds in relation to the girl in a miniskirt in another movie. In addition, the "patrol" and pasting stickers with symbols of their own group and black out too outspoken in their view advertising clothes.

Frequent complaints of intimidation by these activists forced the local authorities to step up police presence especially in the east of London, where, because of proximity to the old port historically settled immigrants who arrived in England. According to Scotland Yard, said groups can have a close connection with the organization of "Islam for the UK» / Islam4UK /, the activity of which was previously recognized as extremist. Since 2010, membership in that group, also known as "Al-Muhajiroun", is regarded as a crime, and the guilty face imprisonment for up to ten years.

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