In Minsk hosted a forum in the future without Communism

Co-chair of the forum, "In the future without communism" Paul Seviarynets so reacted to an international meeting of the Communists:
"On my eyes, for that to all Communists gather in Minsk can be only one reason — repentance for the crimes that communism did on this earth. We know what evil brought communist ideas and Belarus Worldwide . "
The only thing that participants joined both forums is welcome — the Communists had sent him to Lukashenko, the anti-communist — A.Milinkevich.
In civilian forum "In the future without communism" involved scientists, those affected by the communist regime, politics, public figures, representatives of the clergy, foreign diplomats and guests from Ukraine and Russia. Were Pastor Ernest Sabila historian Igor Kuznetsov, managing diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic Vladimir Ruml, politician Anatoly Lebedko.
Another co-chair of the forum, Mikhalevich, read on, Communism and is now in Belarus. Specifically, November 3, 25 years ago, occurred One of the most catastrophic episodes of the Afghan war in gassy tunnel encountered two columns of Russian military equipment. But authorities denied the Association of Disabled War in Afghanistan the right to organize a mourning ceremony had to visit udeldniki anticommunist forum Mikhalevich said.
Political analyst Ales Lahvinets assistant Milinkevich, participated in the forum anti-communists. He sums up his results as:
"I believe that very principle understand the meaning of communism, in order to build the best possible future. Question raised by the organizers of the forum, it is far, but very principle, so we knew what brings communism, if those people yakeiya use this ideology come to power. And, of course, Belarus will be independent and democratic and will be able to build the best possible future only when she will know the historical truth about the sins that have been on our land. "
Lukashenko greets Communists Milinkevich — their opponent 3.11.2007 communists and anti-communists gather in Minsk 2.11.2007

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