In Minsk, judge of the 1st meeting of the applicants business

One of them — the applicant meeting on December 10 October Square Alexander told Toustsik:
"We distributed newsletters, in which is contained in our appeal for permission to Minsk city executive committee meeting on December 10 square Kalinowski. Also it says about our purely business deal — the abolition of the presidential decree number 760, and in particular Fri 1.1. But if we do not even allow to hold a rally, we have the right to come on October Square and at least look at the tree and hold dance.
We porazdavali ballots in the mall "Mirror" and we were asked to leave watchmen. And at the mall "Underground City" guard asked us to go and talk to the administration. He called the police. Us with my deputy Ruslan Lutsenko was detained and taken to the police Zavadskaya. We spent the night in Factory police department. Policemen treated us very good . "
Ales Taustyka and Ruslan Lutsenko did not sign up in their militiamen protocol. They believe vinavachanni unfounded.
"The law does not prohibit me to distribute the newsletter," — said Ales Taustyka.
Support businessmen detained in court came UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko and opposition activist Siuchyk, as entrepreneurs, among them one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Macau.
Protocol on administrative violation detained entrepreneurs are not signed. The protocol states that entrepreneurs have spread sheets with information to hold a rally on December 10 at 12:00 on October Square without a corresponding permission. And so did the administrative offense.

Lebedko came to support the business in court

Siuchyk and A.Makaev to trial businessmen

A.Tolstyko and R.Lutsenka before the doors of the court

Friends brought things to detainees

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