In Minsk Picket against waste incineration

"There is a danger that such factories for incineration will be built in Belarus"
About 20 members of the current environmental movement frosty evening to disseminate information about the dangers that carries waste incineration.
Organizer picket Evgeny Lobanov, a member of the international coalition GAIA — Global Alliance for nominations incineration:
"At our country received offers from many European, Japanese companies who wish to build factories for waste incineration, as this, of course, big business. But they usually do not think about that later we will breathe the poisoned air. And also, we believe that in general spalivat garbage — is not an option, because the garbage — it is very valuable resource. There is a risk that such factories will be built. "
Reporter: "And then what to do with the garbage?"
Lobanov: "In 1-x, trash must be collected sartuyuchy, and very well, that in some areas this process begins. Need to change something in the industry. When the industry makes products like polivinilhlyarydu, then later with such a product can not do anything. "
"Everyone has a personal responsibility for what is happening in his country"
Waste incineration with nesartavanaga debris thrown into the air naisilneyshy poisonous substances — dioxins. These carcinogens are unsafe for potassium cyanide in a thousand times. That’s what I vyznat of leaflets handed out protesters. They put on the form of street cleaners to flicker, and hats from their flashlights. Talk to Catherine Goncharova:
"In the mist of such standing, we are trying to focus attention on himself and on this dilemma, which we raise. So that not only the people who walk the streets, we have seen. But maybe this problem will rise at the highest level, and something will do our government with these scum who simply accumulate tons of enterprises and are not processed. "
Catherine says that awareness in the society lacks:
"Smokers not only businesses, people smoking in their own cottages, on their own backyards. People do not know what to smoke in their own cot stoves — it’s too bad, because it all goes into the atmosphere, into the lungs of people. Poor smoke pot, you can not smoke dry garbage. Our picket we try to take a look at this dilemma, so that everyone thought. Everyone is personally responsible for what is happening in his country. "
Member picket Volodya holding a poster "Dirty technology can not save the world." He says that his trevozhut environmental challenges:
"In our country accepted such terrible decisions as the construction of nuclear power plants, the construction of a huge hydroelectric labiyuetstsa — absolutely not the solution of the energy prepyadstviya, which should bother. It’s just unsafe for current and future generations. "
"Unblemished nature is unsullied nature"
Passers interested leaflets handed out protesters. Talk to the emperor, who had just come.
"Nothing I can not understand such a this case. "
Reporter: "Did you smoke the garbage?"
"No, never in my life. Throw out in the rubbish bins."
Another passerby says that he also against waste incineration. What does he do with garbage?
"I won I bring in a box — plastic bottles into one bin, and trash in another. And there are all exported. I know nothing more."
Reporter: "Do you support these young people?"
"For pure nature? We must live in the nature of net. How not to support? Unblemished unsullied nature is nature."

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