In Potsdam restaurant Minsk become pool

Family engineer Rolf newspaper states that "Minsk" was their beloved restaurant. Sovereign newspaper:
"Popularity" Minsk "was great. To get in the GDR in this restaurant needed book seats in advance. Neither I nor my friends have no nostalgia for no Honekeru nor by Brezhnev. We grieve for those savory cakes chopped off in inimitable spicy sauce on potato pancakes, also by the fact that this restaurant was a big dance hall, where he wasYou can dance on the excellent disc.
Else in the restaurant was a luxurious interior. We nowhere else beheld such glasses as "Minsk", napkins, utensils and ceramic or such vestments, in which, according to sketches Belarusian painters were dressed waitresses and kelnery. "
Rolf paper also recalls Belarusian costumes waiters, installation of which can be Minsk was to find out. By him, "Minsk" was not only a pleasant place to relax, and a real club chefs. On certain old days they gave cooking lessons Potsdam housewives.
Like many patsdamtsy family Jose does not think why in the end political configurations city abandoned restaurant, which until now could be a foreign cuisine. At first, a couple of years after fall of the Berlin wall, it was decided to close the dance terrace "Minsk". Later institution did Latin American restaurant that patsdamtsy inertia called him "Minsk". In 2004 building of the former "Minsk" in general deserted. According Genplyanam going to demolish it. Now, but it seems that the building still remains, it will process just the pool.
In the center of Minsk to the 90s was a restaurant in Potsdam, which is also a long time ago there were a cult place. At the moment it is altered and called "Krynica". Considered to be very expensive. A partnership Minsk and Padstdamu as sister cities ended after about» unity of Germany.

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