In stores — no more than Komarovka …

Where will the merchants closed sales outlets of fruits and vegetables?
The other day, closing the street stalls implementation of fruits and vegetables, I asked: Where will the merchants closed trays? Olga, which in ’25, told that her workmate already agreed to place on the market Zhdanovichi. And she trusts — enforced break of her life will turn to the best:
Olga: "Relatives name, invite them to Russia. I decided that I should go. If everything is fine there will emerge, and stay there. At least, while vygladae, that there will be make a decent life. "
Trays of fruit and vegetables will stop working on the winter of 2002. I asked visitors-buyers Kamarouski market, whether it is safe for them, whether they consider such a solution feasible.
In stores and on Komarovka — almost similar prices
Man: "I would be your concern … Yes are equally where taking. If there is time, if the weekend — then Komarovka. If there is no time during the week — on trays. "
Radio Liberty: "But at the moment the ability to get vegetables from the stalls will not. Shops you will have to use"?
Man: "And you know, in stores no more than Komarovka. Prices are similar, so that all — comfortable."
Radio Liberty: "You get to Komarovka winter vegetables?
Lady: "No, in stores possess."
Radio Liberty: "And there the better"?
Lady: "Immediately peramerzlae all winter. And in stores — everything is normal. So use more stores."
If there were plenty of stalls, prices were at their best
Another one of my companion, who acquired on Komarovskoe market fruits and vegetables for the week ahead, notes that stalls in the town — generally not much. Woman: "If trays had a lot of — and at home, work and about — then was very comfortable. And the prices were below their Komorowski. Now, of course, more trays than on the market. But in the midst of the week on Komarovka not fall. "
Radio Liberty: "And do you think logical that street trays removed for the winter, but the market continues to work Komarovka"?
Woman: "If a very large cold, it is natural vegetable chilly. But it is very occasionally happens with us. And in the hidden market prices are significantly more expensive, so usually we get in the open. "
Store manager, "Orange", "Pay us not rivals’
Director of Minsk shop "Orange" Inna Pavlyuchenko says that winter — always more successful sales. Say, people crave vitamins. But the rise in consumer demand for fruits and vegetables, certain it had nothing to do with the closing of the winter street outlets.
Pavlyuchenko: "Sales will certainly increase. If, for example, tomorrow will knock the frost — it instantly adabetstsa on a sharp increase in buyers. Trays A street — not rivals. During 1-x, we have an abundance of, I believe, richer. Vo- 2, we store self — so that everyone can choose without the help of others, specifically what he gets, and the prices … Prices are lower bustles. heartily for you say — we anlizavali, strolled through the stalls, mini- bazarchik. In including Belarusian and vegetables have even cheaper prices. "

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