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Boris: "I regret that in 5 years" verb "does not appear followers"
Independent literary magazine "Verb" days are celebrated its fifth anniversary by issuing since the founding of 30 rooms. He appeared as a protest against the so-called association Holding municipal literary magazines in their administration of censorship. Despite the financial difficulties, obstacles from the authorities in the free flow, even the lack of space for the editorial, "The verb" formed around himself a professional author and seized asset extensive reader wheel. The principal editor of "verb" Boris Petrovich discusses Valentine Aksak.
Valentine Aksak: "Not bad thoughts that appear in various Belarusian companies a lot. Prandial conversation But then they do not get the majority of their own. Knowing this national trait, there were skeptics who did not believe that something will turn out, and with your venture recurring issue "thick" literary magazine. And you’re back in 2002, or believed that soak at least for a while, at least a couple of rooms betray and not something that is 5 years so embrace 30 rooms in Suffer reader’s world? "
Boris: "Did not think then that will linger on forever so this field. Thinking: Well, exactly, that’s a beautiful thought, is guys — why do not we make the experience a couple of you says numbers not assure that and something that we can, that we are not obedient. Holding first thought was a sinner, and I think that maybe opamyatuyutsya the people who formed this holding. remember I’ve daholdyngavyya times: censorship was, but after the release of the magazine censorship . Courage Publishing almost everything depended on the position of the head editor — could allow themselves to print Bykov or other creators, at that time illegal, he could not. And only later, when will the room cause it somewhere on the carpet and will be dealt with. But it will be later, and it will only know it is hard to work in this situation. And readers will be important that there is room, there are texts. makarom So we worked in municipal magazines until 2002.
Believe that this situation can come back. But other people who were doing the holding, thought differently. Because we had to register the independent "verb", that was very hard. We have set a goal to be ahead of the publication of the harsh and severe edition has in mind first periodicity. And saying, you need to read B, — and so on until the end of the alphabet. In short, this case We drew in, and we like that, not even looking around and passed the 5 years in the same breath. "
Aksak: "That is for you to have suffered his works already known writers who knew of the development of a new magazine and did not want to publish in municipal censored publications — it’s natural. But young, no one famous brand new as they get on the page" Dzeyaslova "how did find out about the journal, the title of which will not meet on the pages of official newspapers, you will not hear any screen tele, nor out of the mouth of the native literature teacher?"
Petrovich: "One of our basic principles, when we started to create a magazine, was that we need to give an alternative non-governmental platform to young writers. Was to have their choice to carry their work in the censored edition or are independent. And because the first room we began to publish works of young in category "Debut." This print absolute newcomers, those who are really the first time dared to show their works to the general reader. Such newcomers we have for these 5 years more than fifty. How did they find out about the magazine? Thank God currently have a web, and the web is the "verb".
Aksak: "Now listen to one of the open by the magazine for young poets Elizabeth Dominica Ponomarev, which in old days was the first recipient of the established" Deslovam "Award for newcomers named Anatoly Sys."
Ponomariov: "For me," The verb "was very elusive bar, but somehow amounted even premium. Thanks and propose a new poem:
Almost dawn, and distant fog Stsyaliv cold wet grass, choir sounded, drove away the clouds, clouds with the smell of coffee. First coffee per day to destroy the dream Going in procession to thy temple. Give me a cheerful morning buzz Give me faith in the commission, the mother …
Aksak: "And the last question to the sovereign Petrovich. If now in front of you again, like 5 years ago, there was such a task — to make a new magazine, if you go back to it? In other words, do not regret about the first step, which, as you said at the solemn party, led you to the point, which may be, will be, or may have already become a matter of life? "
Petrovich: "I am sorry about the other. Regret that in the 5 years we have not appeared followers. One magazine for a large country Belarus — it’s hard enough. On literary field enough room for everyone. Would be nice to appear similar publication for young people, for those who is engaged in literary tests to the middle generation has got its own magazine … And about myself, I do not regret it, of course. And not imagine now, like I’ve worked in the same holding "hollow" or "youth", and where I am now could work and engaged in that business, which is a matter of life. I hope it’s not lost, she gave hope and many Belarusian writers and just Belarusians those who worry about our language, in our culture, in our literature, and that will be all the same finish, "Verbs", which will continue our business. "
Creators and works
Gregory Sitnitsa: "When I do not write, then do not draw the"
The editors of the magazine "The verb" to reverse four years founded a literary award "Golden apostrophe." It is awarded in three nominations — for best debut, for the best worldly publication and for the best publication in the genre of poetry. In This year Prize was awarded to Olga Ipatova — for his novel "The victims of the sacred oak," Gregory Sitnitsa — for a bunch of poems, and Elizabeth Dominica Ponomareva — for the best poetic debut last year. With one of the winners of the "Golden apostrophe" poet Gregory Sitnitsa Michas met Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Gregory, congratulations on the occasion of receiving the award. Every year you type in" Dzeyaslove "you — his unchanging reader. If the jury and were you to have the prize was not one of the creators who have noted the journal ? "
Gregory Sitnitsa: "Thanks for the compliments, but I’m sober people and I understand that to be awarded for the publication, which was next to Gregory Baradulin publication, Vladimir Niakliaeu Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk — is a big advance. Remember, in 2006 in the same "Dzeyaslove" was taken excellent verse Neklyaeva dedicated Larissa Heniyush. This verse is worthy not only of the "Golden apostrophe", and the Nobel Prize or the State. In general, the latest Vladimir Prokofyevich has … Worthy of the most severe evaluation and two of his other publications — essay about Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. This unique study because of our geniuses did not write another one. "
Scoble: "Weird thing in our country not the first year did not awarded Municipal Prize for Literature. Celebrated painters, architects, arithmetic, and writers — no. Do you think why? "
Sitnitsa: "What after all is unusual? Giving awards for work, you need to read these works. And I very much doubt people Belarusian authorities in reading literature. If our leaders thoughtfully read the book Neklyaeva "Yes" if they just read the book thoughtfully Baradulin "Ksty" then they would have dramatically changed attitude towards whiteRussian language and Belarusian literature. But as dismissive attitude on their part to public culture are preserved, of course — do not read. &
Scoble: "In our eyes there was a replacement — Municipal Prize of Belarus yielded to award" For Spiritual Revival ", which presents himself head of the country on the big stage of the Palace of the Republic. A similar happened with the Order Skarina who first listed as the main merit of the country. Has impact on prestige of the country is what premium and orders it — major? "
Sitnitsa: "Certainly, influences. Atrymantsy Some orders Scorina not know who such Scorina this man or lady … Same Nikolai Baskov or Hope Babkin … And many other people who do not know what he did that Scorina and orders have. For what reward — it is a separate issue. Unfortunately, this is not the best way affects the prestige of the country. fact still the main prize of the country be premium on the country, and not the individual. A major order should be the order of the outstanding personalities of the people — or Scorina Euphrosyne. "
Scoble: "During the ceremony for you prize" Golden apostrophe "someone in the audience pondered aloud:" All right, throw your graphics Gregory will now only write poetry. Neuzh then the truth poet Sitnitsa postpone the shade Sitnitsa artist? "
Sitnitsa: "Now I am really very hard to divide these two creative incarnation. Poetry and art — these are different forms of expression, different materials, but expressed one person. And now for me this process indivisible. I long for is to see if I can not write, and then completely drawn. "
Scoble: "It’s been seven years since then, as you were in the press as a poet, and often read his poems in various literary events. If you get the book?"
Sitnitsa: "I long for myself asking this question. After all the works I have not typed on one compilation. But I’m tough enough with respect to censor themselves. And yet the book is supposed to do. My anniversary is approaching, which, however, I do not feel it. But I think this date is to force me to focus and to summarize his creative work. Maybe somewhere in the winter-spring held my individual exhibition. And if God gives strength and means to control the time and I think a collection of poetry. "
Gregory Sitnitsa. With the future books "TRYSVECHNIK"
Evening beach for a day tired pour His essence Sinking under the weight of thousands of bodies. And as fine at the moment it be desolate dawn, And the sun is going to dry ground bed, head as a child, a blanket covering the sea. A skinny days are the time to be fed into yesterday.
I fork to spend his distant gaze, and caress my soul biblical miracle breath. And between the waves of crimson learn face of Him Who in the world can only tread upon the waters.
Yellowish letter on wet pavement overstep seeking a way out. It was — Remember, in Vivaldi — mokrovatye path, yellowish leaves.
This is then repeated with us, This vorachivaetsya dreams, dreams. It is in my soul intertwined sounds of Vivaldi and yellowish leaves.
I ask — prypynetsesya, Moers and Toyota, and Ford. Certainly, it will be useful such fear When yellowish letter, despite the traffic lights, rebyatnya How foolish, crossing the road.
Newcomers snowstorm across the window howling, A gentle violin malehankih care was not enough.
Takes the place of a blizzard with the hope that forever, A violin played just for yourself and for no reason.
Young played the violin, as it should, as from time to time, it happens hunt soul raznastsezhyts.
As from time to time hunt express or neighbor or distant, whom — is unimportant, but essentially, that there was someone to listen to you.
Play my violin cute! Through the darkness and through the snow, I do not know the others, but I know what you mean.
After all, from time to time myself between sadness and try to squeeze in a blizzard, dozvatsya when anihto listens.
Naive — razyasnits darkness naive — to soften the sadness … And yet, Gucci, my violin, that knew and to hear.
Between heavy metal guitar, whining, grinding, squeaking sister compassionate sacrificial stay, a small violin.
For despair — quiet hope for sadly — smiling, By rights, endowed you Lord and Stradivarius.
Services that do not have enough promotion from perapyalesaga destiny You’re the mistress in Mozart, and means — life happened.
A is — nothing idle in all desperate cases. And the light on the faces and souls will be hope.
Alla Semenova. Candle of Love
Valentine Kovtun. Spark of Love: Selected Poetry. Limarius 2006.
"Throw open, star umbrella …" — Once wrote Valentine Kovtun. And reiterated it in its own elected "Spark of Love". Poet, novelist, dasledchytsa, Literary Prize laureate Arkady Kuleshov, creator of many books of poetry, novels — of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk, aunt of the poet, the chairman of the All-Belarusian ladies fund Saint Euphrosyne Valentine Kovtun always aware of the way of life and creative path as "the way to … mountains of existence. "
"And the star key turnover in the castle," — she said — "Letters to figure out how to deploy the heavens …" And about Vladimir Karatkevich said not another like — "Sleepless Knight star dungeons" … And do not forget to allocate "Ringtones scurrying sounds in the air like butterflies or snowflakes. If poetry and absorbed into the soul, and the body itself through vision and a sense of peace."
"Throw open, star umbrella …" — So was called once and my literary etud poetry book by Valentina Kovtun "Metranom." There we read that, too: "In truth and heresy syntaksyse chickenpox punctuation marks." Of punctuation characters, it seems, then, and at the moment the poet prefers an exclamation point. Quickness of thought, stubborn fortitude excited pulse bytsiynay excitement … Poet (because now — talk about the final book of poetry specifically) is ready to accept the universe only in unity, continuity exclusively centuries, kulturovyh links — from their certainty and surprise, sensual and emotional resonance with acute zaglyblenastsyu national prepyadstviya, with particular enthusiasm for history and its specific periods. We will find her poetry and George Gordon Byron, and Guillaume Apollinaire, and Edith Piaf … Here and friends on creative destiny, colleagues Maksim Tank, Yanka Bryl, Neil Gilevich … Ladies, how stands Valentine Kovtun, "kind of Euphrosyne" Larisa Heniyush Eugenia Yanishchits Valentina Trigubovich …
Certainly, in the verses of the poet — talking about land, homeland … Native, eternal … She appreciates and respects tradition. Own citizens. I will only mention one name: Belarusian poetess Lesya — Larissa Morozova, which in the years of Stalinist terror came to the camp in Kolyma Elgen. Poet died. And her poems, which were known in the camp as the song remained in the memory of the former prisoner Besides Elgen — Ukrainian poet Vasily Malagushy that one of the forums mentioned fund Saint Euphrosyne of Lesya Belarusian said. And, as evidenced by Valentine Kovtun, "based on the individual designated to them lines, phrases, images, poetic formulas," she re (reconstructed?) Poetry sufferer. And in the book zmyastsila own favorite.
And over the taiga will sing anger and threatened executioners he anxiously. Scores nail someone in my feet, and head … And you can not remove.
And fills my heart anxious buzz. We are all in the nails through — and I, and stanzas! Crucified people from ancient fate, And all the taiga, the stark Galgofa!
Generally, the book "Spark of Love" consists of several parts. "Lyric" ("diary of life", "Blix prazdnichkom In", "With kind Euphrosyne"), "Balad memory" and "Perastvarenni." In the last part, not counting the verses mentioned Lesi Belarus, Valentine Kovtun including translations — with Ukrainian. Boris Oleinik, Roman L
ubkivsky, Lina Kostenko — especially close spiritually and creatively creator of "Happy holiday of love." Naporystasts same feelings, the intensity of thought, logic pulses.
About strict satisfaction — a springboard to take the record. Without an audience, without premiums, without a jury.
A parable days — it was short-lived. Dawn dream gone into oblivion. Svitsyatstsa star over my destiny! Everything remains for life.
Stars … And Lina Kostenko and Valentine Kovtun — one of those poets for whom specifically star — Landmarks of being determinants flight dreams, the world of beauty. Valentina Kovtun, "Oh, save the bird of beauty …" And have something to save.
My Polessye you praplachash eyes. Honey pine smoldering mirages. Nature, pamudrelaya at one point, overflow tears in rain …
Go well, clouds, rain wear edge To cleanse the eternal beauty. I can not leave … It is not enough, I know, For those rains just my tears.
For Valentina Kovtun is fundamentally — personally and jointly — experienced. Things, through suffering. Above is impossible not to shed a tear. Put light a candle. But the candle not only loneliness and longing. The candle of love. As a sign of life, a sign of creativity.

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