In the U.S., a day committed suicide in 22 war veterans

According to recent studies in the United States every day euthanasia to 22 veterans of wars. This is 20 percent more than in 2007, according to CBS Washington.

The results of published research team of experts from the Department of Veterans Affairs mental health services and programs for the prevention of suicide. Led the study epidemiologist Robert Bossart.

"The total percentage of veterans of all people committing suicide has declined, but the number of voluntarily departed from the life of former military personnel continues to increase," — said in a research.

"Most of the veterans — suicide — are men older than 50 years. Male war veterans have committed suicide, older than men neveterany, committed suicide. Among women, the same spread, "the authors report studies, which collected information for more than two years.

"Many people say it is an epidemic of suicides among veterans, but I do not believe it — says Bossart — just the total number of suicides in the country continues to increase, and the veterans are part of this."

Meanwhile, Washington Post reports that, according to these studies, killed himself 20 percent more veterans than in 2007.

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