In the U.S., a new anti-ship missiles

The company «Raytheon» considering upgrading missiles «Tomahawk» to the creation of the modern anti-ship missile (ASM), said the South American weekly magazine «Aviation Week and Space Technology.»
Currently, the U.S. Navy otsenivyut need for competition to create ASM, which will be needed in the not to distant future, as a response to the creation of the Chinese DF-21 anti-ship missiles as a deterrent and the PLA Navy in the Pacific. But the Navy reviewed the level of ship missile threat from China urged U.S. lawmakers to examine more carefully the need to develop such weapons lately and the amount of money that would have had spent in this case.

According to analysts, despite the strong and long-lasting trade relations between Beijing and Washington, China is the most severe threat to U.S. naval power in the Pacific. Scenario exercises conducted by the Ministry of Defense, often contain a confrontation with China or practicing the same actions Navy to block shipments of Chinese equipment possible opponents.

Currently, it is believed that the presence of the Chinese DF-21 anti-ship missiles can detain South American ships at a longish distances than before. Because the U.S. Navy seek out the possibility of developing RCC extended range for the creation of reciprocal hazard Chinese Navy. It is understood that the RCC will be equipped with a GPS-receiver, because the medium of conducting modern warfare is densely saturated device electronic warfare (EW).

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