In the U.S. and Europe degenerates middle class: social scientists are hitting the alarm

Mainstay of modern Western society — the middle class — after the crisis struck has a clear downward trend and degradation. And it's not just a loss of income of its members, but there is also a demographic and class issues.

The problem is equally acute for both the main antagonists of the Second World War — the world's hegemonic U.S. and European — Germany, as well as for the previous "ruler of the world" — the United Kingdom and other countries of the "golden billion".

Young Europeans, Japanese and Americans are no longer able to start and provide for their families, unable to acquire their own housing and living with their parents, and careers can now hope for is "the best of the best ', and even then not always.

The result — there is a degeneration of an entire social group: its young representatives nowhere to work or work for minimum wage, do not get married, do not have children, and children who are born, as a rule, are born into single-parent families where the breadwinner is a young mother single with all of its attendant problems.

In fact, the destruction of family ties within the middle class threatens to turn from the demographic and cultural problems in the class conflict in Western societies: "It is the family is one of the main reasons, but at the same time, the main victim of growing class division of society. On top of it there are two-parent families with two earners, both of which have a higher education, with children who no doubt also in the future will have at least a bachelor's degree and a good job. Below — parent families with only one breadwinner, the woman did not graduate from college, unmarried, whose children grow up isolated from the world, where there is good work and higher education. And both of these worlds away from each other more and more. "

All anything, but the middle class is almost a mainstay of contemporary socio-economic and political system of the West, the foundation of its culture, if we talk more widely, which developed after the Second World War. Therefore, wilting of the middle class — it is a problem of national security of the country in which he essentially is. And from there it is a stone's throw to the aggravation of domestic and foreign policy issues.

This was warned authoritative news media of the Atlantic (USA), The Economist (UK) and Deutsche Welle (Germany).

In the article "The Decline of the middle class: the future of the family, employment and economic growth in the United States," examines this ominous trend in American society as unfair distribution of income between labor and capital, "What is happening now — settled for many years and really goes back to the economy, and it is very bad. In the presence of a significant gap. The problem is not that the economy is not producing enough income to make everyone's life better, and that the economy is arranged in such a way that is not beneficial to the majority, "- said Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank in Washington . Or, if you try to express their more delicate, most Americans do not benefit from the growth of productivity, as was the case with their parents and grandparents.

Also draws attention to the decline in employment and wages in the male U.S. population and slowing the creation of new families and, consequently, households that have always been the backbone of the U.S. economy. "20% of men with a high school atestatom did not work in 2008, and today, after the crisis hit, already 25% of them do not work anywhere.

Among men who did not finish high school, do not work every third. As a result, America today pestreet areas where male unemployment is the norm. In 1970, more than three quarters of men, no matter how much they earned, were married men from the lower levels of the income scale had only slightly more likely to live alone than men from the top. Today, almost half of malozarabatyvayuschih men are bachelors, compared with only 1/7 men with high incomes. "

About the same trends and explains in the article "Society of stagnation: Britain is becoming a country in which" nothing special "no change" in which The Economist paints a depressing picture: "There are clear signs that the UK slowly" yaponiziruetsya. "

It's not even the fact that the English have become increasingly popular view in prime time on TV in women in bikinis that eat live cockroaches. For example, the growing trend of children living in the same house with their parents. In Japan, half of those between 20 and 34 refrigerators devastate their parents. In the UK, the proportion of men have suffered the third and sixth women with an overall increase of 6% this year. Mass of young people willing to work for wages that are less than necessary to ensure a decent standard of living, is very beneficial to firms engaged in outsourcing recruitment.

And so is born a two-tier labor market, on the one pole is a group of "insiders" who enjoy interesting work and social protection, and on the opposite — lots of outsiders who have a penny to his name. And maybe it's too late to change anything. "

Worried and the Germans: "Bertelsmann Foundation (Bertelsmann-Stiftung) and the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) concluded that over the past 15 years, the share of the middle class in Germany fell from 65 to 58 percent of the total population. At the same time, almost 4 million increase in the number of citizens with low salaries and the number of people with the highest incomes increased by more than 500,000.

Experts note that significantly worsened the chances of poor people to move up the social ladder. As one of the reasons for this phenomenon is called the growth in the number of families in which children are brought up mother-odinochka.Esli trend continues, it will mean that social elevators do not work. That is, the person finds it difficult to achieve improvement in the home life, or worse, people lose faith in such capabilities. This is based on all of the social market economy: it is not dispensing machine, which provides equality of results. No, in the sense of equal distribution of chances.

The lack of growth of this class is also due to the fact that it is practically not replenished by representatives of low-income families, which is becoming increasingly difficult higher education. However, a good education does not guarantee to maintain a certain level of wealth. According to the study, one in four representative of the middle class is afraid of losing his current status. "

As you can see, despite the glib forecasts of economists and politicians, juggling, clowns like in a circus, and figures percent GDP growth, interest rates, and stimulate demand, the global financial crisis had happened to nowhere, but on the contrary, obtrusiv during the first wave of dry branches and yellowing leaves the world economy, now undermines the very roots of modern Western society and threatens to destroy all of its young shoots and perspective.

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