In the U.S., was introduced by the draft Guide to the case of mass deaths

At the end of last week on the table of the House of Representatives went to Bill HR 6566. The bill is called the "Planning for mass death and religious reasons," and its mission is "to amend the National Security Act of 2002, requiring the Administrator of the Federal Agency for Emergency Management (FEMA) to provide leadership and coordination in planning for mass Death … ".

The bill was introduced a week ago, but only now did the U.S. Government Printing text accessible to the public.

The bill itself consists of a few paragraphs, just confirming the title … What agency FEMA to be ready to react in case of mass deaths in the U.S. (as a result of natural disasters, acts of terrorism and man-made disasters) and to take into account the differences in religious burials (eg, Jews Muslims bury the dead and not later than 48 hours after death.).

The same people that gave National Defence Act (authorizing the indefinite imprisonment of American citizens on American soil) now find it necessary to prepare for the massive deaths in the United States …

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