In the U.S., white below the poverty line has more than black

University of Georgia freshman Patrick Sharp is going to officially register a nationalist group "Soyuz white students." According to the 18-year-old activist, white is in the minority on campus, and the country as a whole, their numbers are dwindling. Such considerations and resulted in the creation of the group. Its mission — to preserve the culture of immigrants from Europe.


Students of European descent will be able to meet to discuss the history, traditions, and to speak, as is reflected in the white population migration. Another topic of conversation — the so-called "positive discrimination" — providing benefits to certain groups of the population, in this case — people of color.

Sam Sharpe — a native of Alabama, which is one of the mainstays of the Ku Klux Klan. This largely explains his concern skinned compatriots.

But the decline of the white population of the United States and the scientists say.

— The number of Americans of European descent who need state support, higher number of poor African-Americans and Hispanics are three times — says professor of sociology at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri), Mark Rankin.

— 4% of African Americans living below the poverty line, accounting for 10% of whites — confirms this conclusion professor at the University of Cincinnati, an expert on social problems of the U.S. Jeffrey Timberlake.

Some experts connects emerged in recent years the phenomenon of poor whites States with the historical past.

— The political elite asking for forgiveness for the mistakes of previous generations, using the practice of "positive discrimination" — the director of the Institute for Family and Demographic Igor Beloborodov. — Although this is evidence of social justice, but such a disastrous policy led to the dominance of African Americans who receive some benefits because of their vulnerability.

According Beloborodova, Americans have a sense of guilt for slavery. Only the transport of slaves in America affected about 50 million people. The U.S. government still gets complaints descendants of black victims of white.

Among the white population below the birth rate, which helps to reduce the number of descendants of immigrants from Europe. Over the past 17 years, about $ 80 billion has been allocated from the state budget for the program demographic deterrence, in particular sterilization and abortion.

Another reason — economic.

— Whites tend to live in the Midwest, in the states of Michigan, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, while most developing regions, the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, populated by migrants — the director of VTsIOM Valery Fyodorov.

In coastal regions are the largest financial centers of the country. And the industrial cities of the Midwest engaged in the extraction of minerals, are in decline. Enterprises are moving to China and Mexico, where labor is much cheaper.

The recent news of the bankruptcy of the once industrial Detroit confirms this. July 19, the City announced a budget deficit of well over $ 380 million, plus $ 18.5 billion foreign debt. It was the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Convinced Republicans attributed the poverty of the white population of the country that came to power Democrat Barack Obama. It is known that the population of coastal regionselectionvote for Democrats defending the interests of workers. The white population living in the deep America, to vote for the Republicans.

According to Mark Rank, the idea of the American dream of universal prosperity has stopped working in the first place because of the unstable economic situation in the country.

— We do not have enough jobs, social policy does not help people fight poverty, the educational system is inefficient, because not all children have the opportunity to go to school — said Rankin.

The slowdown in economic growth, unemployment, dependence on welfare benefits have led to a deterioration of living in the United States. Four out of five Americans below the poverty line before reaching 60 years. The unemployment rate in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of today is 7.5%.

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