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In July-August lyceum students traveled to Poland, where in recent years in various towns of the country usually takes a summer session.

Lyceum went on a measured level of activity in those criteria, in which we put

The Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Kolas sat at their desks more than fifty students. They are trained as before in the underground.
Last year was the first release of high school students "guerrilla Schools", which absolutely weaned in extreme conditions. After a period of some uncertainty in demand Lyceum society resumed. At the moment, it’s actually the only school in Belarus institution where there is no state imposed ideology.

Hell Raychonok and Vladimir Colas Started in an emergency procedure secondary education reform, according to the director of the Lyceum Vladimir Kolasa, will be held for the collective without painful consequences:
"We have no reform this year is not expected. Lyceum went on a measured level of activity in those criteria that we have set. Yet the results of final exams, exams externally, earnings results, testing our graduates demonstrate that the level of education have remained high. For obvious reasons, we do not have at the moment of the highest of the competition, there is no such competition, because we take these kids who maybe in the past and would not pass the Lyceum. But during the course they come at a very good level, tightened. Indeed Lyceum usually put estimates corresponding to the true level of knowledge. This is not school, not egalitarianism and natsyagvanne ratings for any performance. "
October 4 in Belarus will be celebrated teachers day. Despite the disgrace from the country, at the Lyceum taught master, one whose presence would honor at least some educational institution: Peter Sadowski, Lavon Barshcheuski, Oleg Trusov, Andrew Khadanovich, Valentin Golubev, Michas Tychina, Vladimir disk and others. Lyceum special spirit support and management — Vladimir Kolos and Ira Sidorenko. Recently the teachers congratulated Prof. prazdnichka lyceum students and members of the parent council.
Do sovereign Kolasa interested — and will in the foreseeable future trials legalized in Belarus?
"Samples were. Everybody knows what not to register a company authorized by the regime — the institution or school. Made such conditions vorachivaetsya a telephone right, dark listings, which make certain individuals, certain institutions. ‘Cause it’s just a waste of time. We have through this passed. And while significant changes do not occur, the radical normalization of the situation in Belarus, if the truth, justice, fairness, honesty, scientific not return to the education system, to the time we do not litsezreem themselves in the current system, which is built in our state. "
In 2003, by order of the Ministry of Education outlawed proved very popular Belarusian Humanities Lyceum, in which ministerial inspectors have found a lot of opposition. And although there have been proposals to legalize abroad, the administration decided to continue the Lyceum practically underground. Deficit criterion civilized at home a few times a year offset by the ability to learn in such establishments during visiting sessions, first in Poland and Lithuania.

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