Is collecting signatures for a company reports deputies

About the campaign chairman Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko
"I myself walked from door to door collecting signatures for a company report actor Gennady Davydko. 95% of people understand the problem of. Notwhich they say, that we do not design — say, no meeting should be organized, and throw them in Svislach. The problem affected all social strata. During the meetings with representatives of the police saw that correctly respond that they were taken 6 days of rest, a free ride. Many of whom met in time "Public march" who worked in the guard services in Fanipol, Smalyavichy are going to abandon the work — and it is a matter of national security … "
According to independent polls, only 23% of people in the country support cancellation of benefits. Above 70% — against.
"People were not asked, there was no discussion in the media. Must Follow — Review more odious figures as Kozik Borisov …" — says Anatoly Lebedko.
Member of the House of Representatives from Zhodinskaya electoral neighborhood Nina Rugal also voted for the abolition of privileges. In Zhodino campaign for the company his report to the voters leads doctor "ambulance", UCP member Alexander Volchanin. Now he spends a lot of effort on the sample register public association "Liquidator".
"And if the technology is a tragedy that no one will participate in liquidation — asks Alexander Volchanin. — Either it will be the 100 MPs who voted for the abolition of privileges? And it is not for the liquidators of benefits, and ensure that the government, for what they were, they would be protected. more affected by the abolition of Chernobyl. We wrote local authorities, order to carry out the action — the authorities refused us. Collected 1,000 signatures in Zhodino. People are never shocked … "
One of the first meetings that have gained voters with his deputy in the House of Representatives, became inhabitants Tolochinsky district. At the meeting, initiated by the local democratic activist Nikolai Petrushenka, deputy came one of the commissions House of Representatives Vladimir Adashkevich. People were not happy with the fruits of this conversation, and at the moment one of the milkmaids farms wish to go into a symbol of protest from the official trade union. They believe that instead of in order to really help, the official union only supports local farm managers.

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