Is it easy to be a farmer in the U.S.?

All the problems of small farmers in the U.S. is impossible to cover in a little note here and deterioration of the environment, the economic crisis and drought.

The mere struggle with the government and large corporations, and deserves a lot of serious research.

Still, further presented two news, just on the subject, giving the opportunity to look behind the glossy poster of Democratic propaganda.

Shlengen Alvin (Alvin Schlangen) — farmer from Minnesota. He — the founder of the Free Farmers Cooperative (FFC — Freedom Farms Coop). The cooperative consists of a number of small family farms, as he engaged in the cultivation of cows on organic and fair-feed, etc. Well, as far as possible in the U.S., at least, more natural and cleaner than that of Monsanto and McDonalds. This society does not enjoy the state. and grants financed by volunteer co-owners, who are also the main consumers of the cooperative.

Alvin Shlengen, like many American farmers, under the new order faced with tougher federal laws enacted for the benefit of agri-monopolies. Thus began his long struggle with the state.

June 15, 2010 Office of the Minnesota Agriculture has sent a detachment of armed police who searched his warehouse, closed and sealed it effectively banning him private farming activities. Moreover, his supporters write that this raid took place without prior warning and order.

March 9, 2011 armed police searched and seized his van, which he drove organic eggs for students, worth $ 5,000.

Thereafter against him began the trial in the court of Hennepin County — For "the sale of raw milk, operating without a license and handling adulterated food." In September 2012 Alvin Shlengen won the case. But his legal ordeal was not over.

Now, he must meet the same charges, but in Stearns County Court. Moreover, these charges were added a few more, including "failure temperature storage of eggs, meat sales, which should not be in his possession (?) And storage of food, embargoed by the inspectors of the State of Food Security."

In support of Alvin Shlengena held several rallies and organized petition. But all his struggles — in front. Now any of its activities, from the point of view of the government, is illegal.


A and January 10 in Washington DC from all states will gather dozens of small farmers — to protest against the Monsanto Corporation and the protection of small farmers United States. On the day scheduled meeting of the Court of Appeal in the case — a producer of natural seeds, the Union of traders and others v. Monsanto.

"Our farmers do not want to have anything to do with Monsanto," — said the farmer-certified manufacturer of natural seeds of Maine, Jim Gerritsen, a spokesman for the main plaintiff. — "We are not the clients Monsanto. We do not need their seeds. We do not need their gene technology. We do not want them to encroach on our farm. We do not want them to contaminate our crops. We do not want accusations of patent infringement, because Monsanto refuses to keep their poison in their seeds. We want justice. "

Many farmers are forced to stop growing certain crops to avoid genetic contamination and prosecutions for violations of Monsanto's patent rights. That's why in March 2011, a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of 83 plaintiffs against this chemical-food corporations. However, the Court of the District of Columbia ruled in favor of Monsanto, and now the entire fate of small-scale farming in the United States depends on the decision of the Court of Appeal.

"Farmers are grown and stored seeds of more than 10,000 years without a break until the GMO seeds Monsanto did not come on the market in 1996. And immediately, Monsanto launched a campaign of persecution of American farmers encroaching on their land and giving frivolous claims for patent infringement ", — said Dave Murphy, founder and CEO of« Food Democracy Now! ». — "It's time to end the intimidation campaign against American farmers and support the right of farmers to grow food without the threat of court."

Farmers rally is scheduled for 10:00 am at Lafayette Square, at the time of the hearing in the Court of Appeal on their case.

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