Israel has become the world’s leading exporter of drones

Israel has become the world's leading exporter of drones
Naikrupneyshim largest exporter of military and civilian UAV is Israel, beating the big countries such as the U.S., China and other reports July 10.
Currently, many Western countries are reducing defense spending and to implement costly weapons programs. Against this background, 10s Asian States, the Near East and Latin America are increasing their military budgets.
According to the report of an international business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, Israel occupied a leading place in the export of small drones created for surveillance and reconnaissance. A handful of Israeli companies for 8 years (in the period 2005-2012) exported drones amounting 4.6 billion U.S. dollars. During this period, the U.S. exported amounting to less drones than $ 3 billion While the U.S. may be quantitatively create more drones than Israel, but the main part is to equip its armed forces and the allied armies. In addition, U.S. law restricts the export of this product.
Israel has no such restrictions. The success of the industry and the drone is that Israeli companies are working closely with the Ministry of Defense. But this business is iterative in nature, in the current time the export volume decreased, but in the future will increase. For example, a large Israeli companies signed contracts with India for the modernization of UAVs in the amount of 958 million dollars, which will be reflected in the statistics.
Currently, the world has entered the campaign that the introduction of shock UAV morally reprehensible or even illegally. But export drone is the pride of the Israeli industry. More than half of exports go to Europe, and the third part on the Asia-Pacific region, including India and Azerbaijan, a further 11% share of Latin America, the United States and 3.9% Africa 1.5%. Naikrupneyshim customers are England, India and Brazil. Many countries prefer to take unarmed drones for surveillance and reconnaissance.
Some analysts portend a fourfold increase in the export of UAVs over the next decade. Research firm Teal Group predicts more than double — from the current yearly amount of 5.2 billion dollars to 11.6 billion, the total amount of sales over the next decade will be a little more than 89 billion dollars
Israel has an excellent chance for long years to remain world leader in export UAVs. This is partly explained by brutal Israeli companies marketing to promote its own military and civilian products in virtually every corner of the world. Israel also occupies a leading position in the development of advanced technologies in the field of unmanned vehicles through cramped military relations agency of the country. Israeli army has pioneered the use of drones in warfare.
But the South American companies are trying to soften the position of the White House in the export drones. For example, at the International Defence Exhibition IDEX-2013 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates announced an agreement with General Atomics for the supply of an unknown number of UAVs in the amount of $ 196,570,000 Gulf countries seek out, and other providers in the set which China Turkey and even Pakistan, who are working hard to create drones for the next implementation of the global market. Meanwhile, Brazil and other countries have also stepped up their work in this area, trying to make drones to monitor broad agricultural land. Last month, three large European defense contractor called on their governments to make a joint program from to develop UAV in order to reduce dependence on Israeli and American manufacturers.

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