Israeli officials have acknowledged forcibly contraception Ethiopian immigrant

The Israeli authorities for the first time acknowledged that they knew about the introduction of an Ethiopian immigrant long-acting hormonal contraceptives without their consent, wrote "Haaretz". The order to stop doing Director General of the Ministry of Health gave Ron Gamzu four healthcare organizations. In this earlier ministry and other official agencies have denied that they knew about this practice, although the first information about it leaked to the media even five years ago.

Now, however, officials were told not gynecologists prescribe to women, who came from Ethiopia, contraceptive injection "Depo-Provera", if the physician has doubts that the patient is aware of the consequences of its application. If necessary, gynecologists advised to seek help from translators.

The order Gamzu was a response to the requirements of the Association of Civil Rights in Israel, which represents several groups that protect the rights of women and Ethiopian migrants. Representatives of the association demanded that the authorities stopped the practice and conducted an investigation.

The Association has made a request to the ministry after the release of the air show, which presented the results of interviews with 35 immigrant from Ethiopia. They said that women are forced to inject an additional contraceptive forwarding station on the way to Israel. According to them, the doctors claimed that this vaccination, which must be repeated every three months. Gynecologists explained them the need that women who give birth may suffer from various diseases. Sami women interviewed by reporters claimed they did not want to do these injections.

Over the past ten years the birth rate in the Ethiopian community in Israel has fallen by about 50 percent. It is possible that by force contraception has played in this process is crucial. Since the 1980s, Israel moved about 100,000 Ethiopian Jews, who have the right to live in the Jewish state under the law on the return of the year 1950, writes The Independent.

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