It is better to wear a yoke buckets with clean water from the well, than to drink poisoned water in the normal countries of the West

In Gaydparke one colleague left the next comment: "Where the water is no yoke, tap water can be drunk and chlorine at all. Not everywhere of course, but in normal countries so. "When I asked him if he thought France "normal country ", Vladimir Potapov said with a smile: "It is …".

The interviewee got to me pleasant and friendly, however, expressed their approval of the good quality of drinking water in the West alarmed me. I remember once saw "Science and Life"Pops up a picture with a fish belly up to the Rhine. Unfortunately, I do not read German, so take a look, as is the case with the quality of drinking water in "normal"France.

It is interesting to consider the fact that, First, show us the situation where Russia has come when catch up West.

And secondly, the results will help to understand what mythology of well-fed and comfortably West — no more than myths, for how hungry and poor they have enough problems.

For the objectivity of the investigation I turned to the most famous and respected French association that protects the rights of consumers, «UFC-Que Choisir». The association takes care of its own authority and is unlikely to publish false information. The report «UFC-Que Choisir» recent, published March 20, 2012 Mr..

The first figure shows the areas where the population is constantly supplying contaminated drinking water "on the edge of observance of the norms on pesticide".

Here it should be noted that the rule — this is a law that that pole. What authorities need statistics — and these standards define. Examples are plenty. Suffice it to recall the history of standards for asbestos. For decades it has been used in construction and manufacturing without a security measure. Because at that time the rules have allowed it to use widely.

Only since the end of the last century began to replace asbestos by less hazardous materials.

"The people involved on the extraction and processing of asbestos in tumor incidence is several times greater than the general population. The most common cause of lung cancer, tumors of the peritoneum, stomach and uterus."Weakened Liberal Wikipedia wording harm asbestos.

Or present the story with "Packaging poison, "Bisphenol. "Bisphenol intervenes the endocrine hormones, including estrogen, gives reproductive function in animals and associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity in humans."Bisphenol A, by the way, and in the nipples for babies present.

Just earlier official health standards do not recognize it harmful. Here is a pole obtained with the safety standards in Liberal environment, where the pursuit of excessive profits bribe MPs and those carried profitable industrialists bills. Rule of law, though!

But back to the map of France in 2009, where people regularly deliver pesticides in drinking water. Moreover, in this study, the association found that 89% of water pollution caused by pesticides, accounted for atrazine.

What is this fascination such atrazine — see for yourself. Especially not to frighten the reader (and that in fact it can and drink quit!), Let's read that does it matter … with frogs.

"Previously it was known that the chemical interferes with sexual development of young frogs, disrupting the hormonal balance, causing them to turn into hermaphrodites. The latter experiments on 40 male African clawed frogs have demonstrated that the process goes even further.

It turns out that under the influence of atrazine adult males or demaskuliniziruyutsya (chemically castrated) or completely feminized."

By the way, the Association for Information — author of the study the quality of drinking water. On the map below, all data are taken from the association Ministry of Health France.

Legend same in all pictures, the color depends on the number of triangles of the analysis of drinking water that does not meet official standards adopted. For example, the black triangle indicates that more than 75% water samples are contaminated above the standard. A very gentle color white, means that no more than 25% Water quality samples found to be unsatisfactory. As you can see, the icon, the corresponding result "The water is clean"- just do not.

Figure 1 The radioactivity.

On the adverse effects of radioactivity on human genetics is well known.

2 Pesticides

Basically, this distribution of the above atrazine.

3 Nitrates

At the same time the left shows what is the concentration of nitrates in the soil, in kg per hectare.

4 Selenium

"Included of the active sites of some protein in the shape of amino acids selenocysteine.

Trace element, but most of the compounds is sufficient toxic even in high concentrations."

After daily use of atrazine and villages we wonder where the extra weight is taken, why children are born sick, from acne in teenagers …

Finally, the last table shows the steady increase in the number of water intake stations, the water in which all worse polluted by nitrates. That is, share stations are giving cleaner water falls, and vice versa, the number of outstanding increasingly contaminated nitrate water — increases. Similar trends identified in the report refers not only to nitrate, but as an example, even the reduced table is very revealing.

Many people somehow still believe that "civilized" Western Europe, life is easy and beautiful. She is beautiful only for the rich, or the pictures on the internet.

In fact, in these countries, people actually powerless, and the lies and hypocrisy are the essential qualities of the power elite. The same one that sets "Non-hazardous"Health Sanitary the norm. As with bisphenol, asbestos yesterday, to GMO — today.

So, dear colleagues, let's not spread the liberal myths about the virtues of the existence of the western market, but better — turn to a reliable primary sources.

Now, I am sure you understand, Vladimir, why it is better to wear a yoke buckets with clean water from the well, which did not affect technological innovation than to drink poisoned water in "Normal"Western countries. :)

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